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Choose Southcoast Health for a Reliable Breast Ultrasound in Fall River, Dartmouth & Wareham, MA

A breast ultrasound or sonography is an imaging exam. An ultrasound uses painless sound waves to create pictures of body structures. A breast ultrasound can help doctors diagnose or rule out breast conditions, including breast cancer. It involves applying a water-based gel to your breast and moving a hand-held transducer over the skin.

A radiologist will perform your ultrasound at one of our Breast Center locations in Fall River, Dartmouth, or Wareham. They will interpret the results and may review them with you during your appointment. If not, the radiologist will send the results to the doctor who ordered the ultrasound, and your doctor will share the results with you. If you have dense breast tissue, this may be the best way for a doctor to see your breast tissue more clearly

Reasons for a Breast Ultrasound

Your doctor may recommend a breast ultrasound for the following:

  • Evaluation of a breast abnormality from a breast exam or mammogram
  • Supplemental breast cancer screening in women at high risk for breast cancer, with dense breast tissue, or who are pregnant or should not have X-rays
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsies to precisely locate the needle for removing breast tissue

How to Prepare for Your Breast Ultrasound

No physical preparation is necessary for a breast ultrasound. Mentally, preparing for a breast ultrasound can cause anxiety. Ask ahead of time when you will receive the results. We recognize the stress of waiting for breast imaging results and biopsies, and we will do everything we can to discuss the results with you the same day.

What to Expect from Your Breast Ultrasound

Before your breast ultrasound, you will undress from the waist up and wear a gown or jacket. The exam takes about 30 minutes, during which you may need to change positions or reposition your arm. Once the exam is complete, you should be able to resume normal activities. You might need to take it easy for the day if you had a biopsy.

The results of your breast ultrasound will guide your next steps. If the results are benign (not cancerous), no further treatment may be necessary. In other cases, your doctor may recommend additional exams or treatments.

You can trust every part of your diagnosis and treatment to our expert breast care team at the Southcoast Breast Center — find your closest location today. We are proud to treat patients across southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, offering breast ultrasounds and more.

Southcoast Health offers breast care and breast ultrasound expertise in Fall River and Dartmouth, and surrounding areas.