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Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Services

Snoring, gasping and choking while sleeping can be signs of a serious health problem. In fact, there are almost 200 medical reasons why you might be losing sleep.

The sleep experts from Southcoast Physician Services can help. We can diagnose — and treat — your sleep problem.

Good Night ~ Sleep Right

Sleeping isn't always as easy as it looks. Here are some tips to improve your rest:

  • Get up about the same time each day.
  • Go to bed only when sleepy.
  • Establish pre-sleep routines.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Keep a regular schedule.
  • Avoid caffeine within 6 hours of bedtime.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • If napping is necessary, establish a regular schedule.
  • Use sleeping pills conservatively.
  • Stop smoking.

A Sleep Glossary

Sleep Apnea: Frequent collapse of the breathing passageway during sleep, can be life threatening.

Narcolepsy: Excessive daytime drowsiness with tendency to sleep at inappropriate times.

Circadian Rhythms: Include body temperature, sleep and wakefulness, and a variety of hormonal changes.

Restless Leg Syndrome: A crawling sensation in the calves or thighs and occurs when the person is sitting or lying down.


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