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                 Today, the need to provide a continuum of care that improves community health is at the forefront of Southcoast’s purpose. It is a mission that relies on coordination and collaboration across philanthropy, clinical care, public health, social services, and community partnerships.
“The reality is, the way health care is currently paid for does not sufficiently fund the addition of care team members like social workers, community health workers, and other support staff that make it possible to reliably improve the circumstances and health of the community. As a not-for-profit community health system, philanthropic support that enables mission-driven investment is essential,” said Dr. Jay Lawrence.
“Without charitable contributions from community members who share a common purpose and belief in the essential nature of our organization for themselves and those they care about, we would not have the means to improve access to essential services. The philanthropic support we receive is impactful and deeply appreciated.”
Southcoast Health’s Annual Fund invests in the people, programs, and technologies that provide you and your loved ones with exceptional care and service, including comprehensive primary care services.
By leveraging our charitable donations, Southcoast continues to boldly challenge the status quo and transform healthcare delivery to better everyone we serve. Our community needs and deserves the best that health care has to offer.
“The Primary Care Center and the Southcoast Health Network are committed to identifying and addressing the social determinants that negatively impact health and lead to poor health outcomes...
Therefore, coordination of care with other team members, such as care managers, social workers, and community health workers are vital to
the health and well-being of the patient.”
Brett Hurteau, DO, SPG Medical Director of Primary Care Clinical Transformation, Operations, and Innovation
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107,694 304,998
 Southcoast Primary Care Providers
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