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Bringing Primary Care to the Community
Each year Americans make millions of visits to primary care providers for all varieties of health and wellness needs. In addition, research studies have consistently shown the importance of primary care relationships in improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. However, the broad scope of care that primary care providers deliver is uniquely challenging, which is why Southcoast Health is pursuing innovative ways to support exceptional care.
The practice of primary care has evolved considerably over the years. With the introduction of the electronic medical record, increasing administrative tasks, and growing demand for non-face-to-face
care, primary care providers spend approximately two hours in the electronic medical record for every one hour of direct patient care they provide. Keeping pace with all this change requires new ways of approaching the work.
“Our primary care providers each take responsibility for the care of hundreds to thousands of our community members with complex needs that present at all hours of the day and night through telephone calls, electronic messages, and in-person visits,” said
Dr. Jay Lawrence, SVP, Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer, Physician-in-Chief for Primary Care at Southcoast Health. “They interpret an incredible amount of information every day to ensure their patients are safe, well-informed, and well cared for. The commitment required to do this work is extraordinary. The high- quality, comprehensive care that Southcoast PCPs provide to patients is More than medicine.”
Southcoast is committed to innovation by building robust, multidis- ciplinary primary care teams and strong community partnerships to address the many facets of health and wellness. We are aligning our strengths as a health system and network to ensure we are, and continue to be, a relevant and vital resource to the South Coast community.
“By utilizing the many wonderful services that the Southcoast Health Network has to offer, we can meet our patients’ needs and have a well-rounded team to ensure the patient is successful in whatever has led them to us,” said Erin A. Edwards MSN, ANP-BC, PCP Lead APP Primary Care, Pediatrics & Urgent Care. “Support is integral when looking for a successful outcome or good quality patient- centered care.”
Jay Lawrence, MD, Senior Vice President, Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer & Physician-in-Chief for Primary Care
“Without charitable contributions from community members who share a common purpose and belief in the essential nature of
our organization for themselves and those they care about, we would not have the means to improve access to essential services.
The philanthropic support we receive is impactful and deeply appreciated.”
Jay Lawrence, MD
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