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                 While much has been achieved these past 25 years, the best is yet to come. As we look to the next 25 years and beyond, we will continue to achieve and deliver excellence, while breaking down the barriers that prevent access to quality care. We will continue to listen, learn, lead, and convene within our community. We will seek, identify, and pursue new opportunities to transform the healthcare experience for patients, providers, and staff. We will continue to address the pressing social influencers of health, such as early education and childcare, environmental health and wellness, housing and homelessness, and behavioral and mental health needs. We will foster community-based approaches that truly achieve generational change and permanently improve the health and well-being of our community.
We will do all of this together, for our community and for each other, because the South Coast region and its people are the best and deserve the best.
We will never stop striving to be better. Southcoast Health has an incredible story and an exciting future ahead.
Because, together, we are More than medicine.
“As a not-for- profit community health system whose mission is to improve the health of every individual we serve, our team understands that the future will certainly come with unique
and, oftentimes, daunting challenges.”
Rayford Kruger, MD, FACS
Southcoast Health [ 2021 Annual Report of Philanthropy ]

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