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  Rayford Kruger, MD, FACS
Acting President & CEO, Southcoast Health
Chief Physician Executive, Southcoast Physicians Group
Physician-in-Chief, Surgical Services
To achieve our vision for the future, we must share many of the same ideals and principles that established Southcoast Health in 1996. We know from experience that we must be bold and always seek to be the best. We must be the leader in delivering exceptional, accessible and convenient care and service to our entire community.
During my 32-year tenure as a surgeon with Southcoast, I have embraced our commitment to excellence that is the foundation of this incredible organization. It is this very commitment that serves as our guide as we move forward, while managing the unprecedented and significant challenges of COVID-19. Our forward-thinking leadership’s ongoing investment in the needs of our community has Southcoast poised for excellence for generations to come. Advancements to emergency services and facilities, trauma and community health services — while battling a global pandemic — exemplify the bold vision for the future that drives us.
For Southcoast, our commitment to being bold means delivering on our promise to provide world-class care. We are continuously seeking new and innovative solutions to existing and emerging community health needs and are driven by our promise: Exceptional Care from People Who Care.
As a not-for-profit community health system whose mission is to improve the health of every individual we serve, our team understands that the future will certainly come with unique and, oftentimes, daunt- ing challenges. It is how we address these challenges that defines us, both as a healthcare system and a community.
We also understand that the promise of a healthy, prosperous community cannot be realized solely within the walls of hospitals or ambulatory care facilities. Very often our most effective strategies to effect real change involve the creation of long-term community-based partnerships to reach those who need us most. It is these partnerships that will guide Southcoast on a path to realize our promise and deliver the real transformational and generational change our region deserves.
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