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                 WAYS TO BE INVOLVED
Planned Giving Society
Anonymous (2)
Catherine A. and John D. Bergeron (T)
Elizabeth H. and Edward C. Brainard, II (T)
Joyce A. and Joseph A. Ciffolillo (SH)
James G. DeMello (SH)
Priscilla B. and Allan W. Ditchfield (T)
Yvonne M. Farinha* (C) Anne V. Fayan* (C) Natalie H. Fearing* (T) Christina G. Gargas* (S) Gary A. Grosart, MD (SH)
Mary M. Kenney (T)
Elizabeth L. Marsden (C)
Elizabeth I. and J. Greer McBratney, MD (S)
Laura E. McLeod (S)
Sandi A. Montour (S)
Michele Rousseau (C)
Jo-Ann St. Pierre (SH)
Sylvia B. Tompkins (C)
Richard H. Warburton, MD* (S)
Judith G. White (T) Patricia P. Wylde (T)
(C) Elizabeth and Frank Stevens Society for the benefit of Charlton Memorial Hospital
(S) Bullard Legacy Society for the benefit of St. Luke’s Hospital
(T) Alice Tobey Jones Society for the benefit of Tobey Hospital
(SH) Southcoast Planned Giving Society for the benefit of Southcoast Health
* Deceased
     Endowment & Perpetual Trusts
  Arthur W. Allen Fund
Auxiliary of Charlton Memorial Hospital Endowment Fund
Leonard & Mary Birtwistle Memorial Fund
John & Arline Booth and Frank and Norma DuVally Memorial Fund
Charlton Charitable Trusts
Ruth Charlton Mitchell Masson Fund
E.P. Charlton Fund
Earle P. Charlton Trust (for Truesdale Hospital)
Earle P. Charlton Trust/ Ida S. Charlton Fund (for Union Hospital)
William Clayton, Jr. Trust
Edith H. DeMauro Charitable Trust
Louis F. Fayan Smoking Prevention Endowment Fund
Emma P. Fenner Trust
Ethel M. Gainey Charitable Trust
John T. Galligan Perpetual Trust
The Ronald B. Goodspeed, MD Endowed Chair in Patient Safety & Quality
The Allen Jarabek Oncology Fund
Amanda Kent Trust
Mary E. “May” Quirk Living Trust
Gladys Reynolds Savoie Trust
Richard P. Sylvia Trust
Frank and Elizabeth R. Stevens Fund
Susanna K. Tobey Trust
Tobey Hospital Endowment Fund
Frederick & Charlotte Webb Trust
Helen A. Wheaton Trust
Southcoast Health [ 2021 Annual Report of Philanthropy ]

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