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                      TOP: Cheryl Sullivan and Mary Ann Lamontagne MIDDLE: Elena Coffey, Elizabeth Martone and Marge Burns BOTTOM: (Seated) Jennifer Szabo, Pam Mirick, Priscilla Wade, Janice Sharp, Priscilla McDermott and David Cordeiro (Standing) Joanne Sleep and Kimberley Coon
Southcoast Health [ 2021 Annual Report of Philanthropy ]
Southcoast Ambassadors
In 2021, Southcoast Health celebrated its 25th Anniversary as one unified health system. Within the same year, the newly formed Southcoast Health Ambassadors emerged. The new volunteer entity established a joint mission to promote the health and welfare of the community we serve.
The joint venture brings together the Charlton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary, and the Tobey Hospital Guild. The new cooperative brings over 200 years of cumulative service to the table — creating a dynamic team of members to support the efforts of our philanthropy partners in our local communities.
This integrated approach allows the Southcoast Ambassadors to collaborate with the entire Southcoast network, sharing resources and support across the whole system. The idea is to foster a team-centered approach that enables the group to return to their foundation of service to our patients and the community.
“We look forward to collaborating and working with individuals and groups within Southcoast Health to better serve and support our com- munity hospitals and their patients,” said Marcia Liggin, Southcoast Health Ambassadors Board Chair. “The Auxiliaries and Guild of Southcoast were the last stand-alone organizations affiliated with the health system since the merger on June 9, 1996, 25 years ago. The mission of the Southcoast Health Ambassadors remains consistent with that of the Auxiliaries and Guild: ‘to promote the health and welfare of the communities we serve.’ “
Already nearly 150 members strong, the Ambassadors, led by a volunteer board of directors, will emphasize new member recruitment. In addition, our Ambassadors are in the process of forming project- based committees to focus on specific areas such as scholarships, special events, and programs to support our patients.
If you are interested in learning more about the Southcoast Health Ambassadors, please contact Joanne Sleep at or 508-973-7537.

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