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What does service excellence mean to you?
     Yinka Oluwole, CPXP,
Director, Service Excellence & Patient Experience
“Service excellence is when we deliver on our promise to provide exceptional care to every patient and to their families — at each and every moment of their care journey. It is when the Southcoast Health family delivers clinical excellence, a highly personalized service, and compassionate care to our member com- munity. It is when we are more and deliver more.”
Sandra Silva, RN,
Charlton Memorial Hospital
“My patients teach me how to live. Therefore, I am a big advocate for patients. And I think one of the most important things we need to do is listen. Sit on the edge of the bed. Greet a patient eye to eye. Listen to them and let them
tell their story. Everybody has a story to tell, and sometimes just talking with patients can be healing to them.”
Lois Wilding, Team Leader
Nursing Admin Supervisor, Charlton Memorial Hospital
“My patients are like family, and I always go the extra mile for them. I stay in touch with many families because we’re human, and the caring doesn’t stop when they leave the hospital doors.”
Edward Morris,
Public Safety Officer II, Charlton Memorial Hospital
“I believe that the first encounter you have with someone is the practice
of the 10.5.1 policy of Southcoast Health. I always acknowledge everyone and show them that I am ready to help them in a friendly manner. This, in my opinion, is of utmost importance
to the community and my colleagues. Therefore, be courteous, be kind, and please be humble; we are here to serve and guide people through their diffi- cult times.”
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