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                   In 2021, Southcoast Health administered nearly 113,000 COVID-19 vaccination doses in the South Coast region — contributing to ~60% of the Bristol County population being fully vaccinated.
COVID-19 has permanently altered the lives of southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island communities and how Southcoast Health serves them. Yet, amid the fast-moving virus and the changes that came with it, we took on this crisis together, providing services and care.
In February 2021, Southcoast opened three conveniently located vaccination clinics in Fall River, Dartmouth, and Wareham, as well as the Southcoast Health Wellness Van with mobile clinics stationed around the South Coast region, providing essential care and protecting our community against COVID-19.
Our vaccination efforts’ success was made possible by partnering with local community and business leaders, members and groups, and expanding community outreach, equity, and accessibility.
“As a community-based health system, Southcoast works continually to develop programs and services that improve health equity and provide access to care for the region’s most vulnerable residents,” said Rachel Davis, Director of Community Health and Wellness. “We proactively engage our community partners and serve as a convener of community-based organizations. These longstanding partnerships were critical in our efforts to directly provide COVID-19 educa- tion, testing, and vaccine opportunities in the community."
Southcoast’s busiest vaccine clinic, located in North Dartmouth, within the former Vanity Fair Outlet, would not have been made available without the philanthropy of facility owner Paul Downey.
“Witnessing the incredible dedication of front- line staff throughout the pandemic, I felt that
I needed to do whatever I could to support their efforts,” said Downey. “Providing an accessible location for Southcoast’s frontline staff to provide vaccinations to the community seemed like a logical way to help.”
The support of local organizations and indi- viduals is an incredible help in vaccinating our entire community. Like Paul Downey, Vineyard Wind also supported Southcoast’s efforts to test and vaccinate at the Port of New Bedford, assisting those in the fishing industry.
“Vineyard Wind and the commercial fishing industry based in New Bedford will soon be neighbors in and around the port and out at sea,” said Vineyard Wind CEO Lars Pedersen.
“Part of being neighbors means coming together as a community during challenging times. Southcoast Health has always done an amazing job providing access to critically important healthcare initiatives, and we were pleased to play just a small part in their ongoing efforts.”
In 2021, Southcoast administered nearly 113,000 COVID-19 vaccination doses in the
South Coast region — contributing to ~60% of the Bristol County population being fully vaccinated. We will remain steadfast in our vaccination efforts in 2022 as we continue to protect and advance the health and wellness of the region.
Southcoast Health is proud to serve as our community’s not-for-profit health system and thankful for the partnerships with local organizations — enabling us to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to as many eligible community members as possible.
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