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                   LEFT TO RIGHT (back row): Kristen Plante and Kayla Plante (Stephen’s nieces), and Lillian Tuttle (Stephen’s great-niece) FRONT: Robert Petitpas holding a picture of the late Stephen Schroeder.
“At one point, I wasn’t sleeping much because I was afraid that he would wake up and need me. The fund enabled us to employ caregivers that stayed with him around the clock so that I could get rest. It meant a lot.”
Robert Petitpas (Stephen’s nephew and caregiver)
Thank You
With mixed emotions, Southcoast Health announces the retirement of a much-appreci- ated leader, nurse, and friend, Sharon Jones, RN, President and CEO of the Southcoast Health Visiting Nurse Association (VNA). It
is difficult, if not impossible, to sum up her achievements over 11 years of dedicated Southcoast service and 41 years in healthcare.
Since joining Southcoast VNA, Sharon has led with a compassionate heart and an eye for recognizing the greater need in healthcare. Sharon’s contributions extended to her work as a Southcoast Health Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council member, as well as helping to allocate yearly funds for various VNA-led charities and even opening her home to patients in need.
Sharon will be remembered as a gracious and committed pioneer. She sets an example for others to follow by embodying what it means to be More than medicine.
On behalf of Southcoast Health, we wish her much happiness and health in her retirement.
Southcoast Health [ 2021 Annual Report of Philanthropy ]

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