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VNA’s Supportive Care Center
Long recognized for helping patients of all ages recover from or live well with illness or injury, the Southcoast Health Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) also offers compassionate, specialized care for those facing serious or life-limiting illnesses.
One such program offered through the VNA’s Supportive Care Center is the Home Health Aide Charity Fund, which was founded in 2020 through a generous gift from the Dorothy & David Schachne Charitable Foundation.
“The Home Health Aide Charity Fund, as
well as other charity programs, is critically important,” said Sharon Jones, RN, President, and CEO of the VNA. “The program offers support to terminally ill patients. Many of these patients and families do not have the means
or adequate insurance coverage to employ around-the-clock caregivers or additional aides, allowing them to remain at home and not have to go to an institution for care.”
The fund has positively impacted many patients and families. For example, the late Stephen Schroeder and his family benefited from the Home Health Aide Charity Fund, helping to cover the cost of additional supportive care services that enabled Stephen to maintain his dignity during his final days.
Robert Petitpas (Stephen’s nephew and caregiver), quickly realized just how much of an impact supportive care could have when his uncle was admitted to hospice in early 2020 after receiving a devastating diagnosis of ALS.
As his uncle’s full-time caregiver, Robert took a leave of absence from his own job to care for his uncle and feared he would eventually require more assistance.
Robert credits both the clinical and supportive care Stephen and the family received from Southcoast VNA, making his uncle’s wish to pass away at home possible.
“Everyone on his care team was fantastic. They treated us like family,” said Robert. “Without this fund, we would not have been able to care for him at home.”
“It really takes the burden off of the caregiver, which is important,” said Andrea Schachne, herself a hospice volunteer. Andrea and her husband, Dr. Jay Schachne, a retired cardi- ologist and Southcoast Health Trustee, have a deep, personal understanding of just how important supportive care is from experience with their own family. In fact, the incredible care Dr. Schachne’s late father received from his supportive care team while on hospice was a major catalyst in the establishment of the fund that exists today.
The Southcoast VNA currently has a team
of 65 dedicated hospice volunteers and is always in need of additional individuals to provide care for the over 300 hospice and palliative care patients they serve across the region each year.
For those interested in volunteering or making a gift to support Southcoast Health VNA’s Supportive Care Center, please contact Joanne Gregory, Director, Community Affairs, at or 508-973-3470.
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