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Urgent Care

“A wonderful, caring,friendly, helpful experience. Highest praise possible!”

“I am very grateful tohave Justina as my therapist. She’s kind, compassionate and listens.”

“Justina was instrumental in my recovery process. She helped me through very rough patches and gave me skills to continue feeling well.”

“I am pleased with the progress and results of the therapy. I have been given several exercises that will continue to strengthen my muscles as I continue to do them at home. This was a difficult therapy due to the very nature of pelvic floor. Janet was very professional and created an atmosphere that was comfortable for me. Many Thanks!”

“Justina and Janet work as a well-oiled team. They were kind, caring and compassionate and have treated me with dignity and respect. I am getting better and I owe it all to their kindness and support. 5 stars all around–an amazing and empowering experience.”

“For the first time since I began the process of figuring out my pain– Justina heard me, listened with care and compassion and was paramount in the first step in my healing process. Each week has been exceptional care. Thank you!”

“Everything about your rehab was excellent. Justina Perry was just wonderful in her job. I felt like my health was in good hands. She explained very clearly the exercises I need to do and how to do the exercises correctly. Thanks for great care. I will let all my friends and family know how wonderful this place is.”

“I really like Justina because she is thorough and talks me through things and if I’m having a hard time she will re-show me how to do it. Justina is very sweet and everyday I get stronger.”

“Justina was very informative, friendly and answered any questions my husband and I had. She returned my phone calls quickly and my appointments were always on time. She was great. Highly recommend. Thank you Justina.”

“Justina is an awesome therapist. She was very thorough and she explained things to me in a way that I could understand them. She is a wonderful therapist and I would recommend her to other people. Thank you Justina for helping me get through all this.”

“Janet is excellent at her job. She ensures my comfort at all times.”

“I never knew there was PT for what I was going through. I did feel a little embarrassed. But, Justina has been so great making me feel comfortable and explaining everything. This has made me much more comfortable and open about it. She has been great and I appreciate the time she has taken to help me.”

“It took two months and numerous visits to my gynecologist, family doctor, the ER, a general surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist to finally find Justina Perry, my hero. It was a PT colleague of hers that identified my pudendal nerve issue and informed me Justina was the person who could finally help me regain my ability to walk and sit again. Justina listened to my two month saga with an open mind and heart. Not only did she listen, she believed me that my pain was real. Even more amazing was she knew what was ailing me and how to treat it. Justina is kind, patient, gentle and relatable. We took a team approach to my treatment. She gave me exercises to do at home as well as referring me to a book that enabled me to understand and self-treat my pudendal neuralgia. This is a very disabling and painful condition yet Justina remained confident that in time I would see improvement and she was absolutely correct. I no longer see her for PT. I am capable of walking without a limp. I can now sit for hours without discomfort. I have cut down on the medicine and hope to be off of it within a month. Justina Perry has given me my life back and I will be forever grateful to her.”

“Justina Perry made me feel very comfortable at all times and never made me feel embarrassed about my questions I had. Very compassionate.”