Southcoast Meets Your Healthcare Needs

Southcoast Health exists for you — to meet all of your healthcare needs

The stories in this issue of Health+ provide a great illustration of how, as a comprehensive health system, we accomplish this goal.

At the center of your healthcare team is your primary care physician (PCP), the provider who knows you best and guides you on the best path to wellness based on your health history and life circumstances. He or she provides your preventive care, can treat many illnesses, and advises you on how to become more active, eat better or even improve your sleep. He or she is also best qualified to help you find answers when you feel “something” may be wrong but can’t quite pinpoint what it is.

Your PCP is your personal navigator to more specialized care if you should need it, including cardiac care, medical treatment for obesity and its co-morbidities, or pulmonary/lung care, all of which are featured in this issue. As part of Southcoast Health, your PCP works closely with Southcoast specialists who are leaders in their fields, providing award-winning care and some of the most advanced procedures and innovative new treatments.

Southcoast ServicesOur electronic health records strengthen the collaboration between all of our providers, allowing each clinician on your care team to access your entire health and care history, and coordinate that care seamlessly. MyChart, our online patient portal, helps you play an active role in your own healthcare, manage your appointments, view your test results, communicate with your physician and much more.

We have everything you need — right here — close to home.

You can find a primary care physician that is right for you by visiting Southcoast Doctors or by calling 844-744-5544. If you have not yet registered fro MyChart, and would like to do so, just follow this link.

Best of health,
Keith A. Hovan
President & CEO, Southcoast Health