Southcoast Hospitals Group Blood Bank says Thank You!

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. – The three hospitals that make up Southcoast Hospitals Group – Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford and Tobey Hospital in Wareham, and the Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care in Fairhaven and Fall River – use approximately 1,300 pints of blood a month. Southcoast counts on volunteer donors to meet the needs of patients requiring life-saving treatments in emergencies, patients with cancer and other serious illnesses and patients in need of surgery.

The Southcoast Blood Bank is proud to have so many donors who have committed to donating blood on a regular basis to help save the lives of their friends, neighbors and members of their community.

The following individuals have recently hit impressive donating milestones:

1 Gallon

  • Maria Amado of New Bedford
  • Nathan Chubb of West Wareham
  • Karina Sovik Correia of Rochester
  • Kelly Cunha of South Dartmouth
  • Jo Ann Custodio of North Dartmouth
  • Jean Pierre Cyr of South Dartmouth
  • Susan Desnoyers of New Bedford
  • Michael Hammarquist of New Bedford
  • Kim Karalekas of New Bedford
  • Filipe Lebre of Fall River
  • Linda McDonnell of Plymouth
  • Evelyn Metivier of New Bedford
  • Carolyn Novo of Fall River
  • Jamie Rogers of Fairhaven
  • Elaine Rousseau of Fall River
  • Korinna Tsonis of North Dartmouth

2 Gallons

  • Stevenlee Borges of New Bedford
  • Ethel Costa of Fairhaven
  • Cheryl Gorfinkle of New Bedford
  • Ashlee Kirkwood of Fairhaven
  • Donna Martin of North Dartmouth
  • Maryjane McManus of Acushnet
  • Mark Miller of South Dartmouth
  • Kenny Mundo of New Bedford
  • William Nunes of Fairhaven
  • Jeffrey Oliveira of New Bedford
  • Richard Pavao of Fall River
  • Anthony Poente, Jr of North Dartmouth
  • Deborah Richard of New Bedford
  • Robert Schoening of South Dartmouth
  • Sandra Smith of New Bedford
  • Brian Tjersland of North Dartmouth

3 Gallons

  • Paul Almeida of Fall River
  • David Geier of North Dartmouth
  • Joseph Hill of New Bedford
  • Robert Lavallee of New Bedford
  • Geoffrey Lucier of New Bedford
  • Randall Martin of Acushnet
  • Cheryl Pires of South Dartmouth
  • Deborah Reis of Freetown
  • MaryAnne St. Pierre of Acushnet
  • Maureen Sylvia of Fairhaven
  • Susan Whitney of Rochester

4 Gallons

  • Eugene Antonell of South Dartmouth
  • Anita Cestodio of Westport
  • Ellen Hull of North Dartmouth
  • Edward Mello of South Dartmouth
  • Gregory Newcomb of East Freetown
  • Edward Perry of New Bedford
  • Michelle Potter of Fairhaven
  • Richard Shea of New Bedford
  • Maureen Waltz of South Dartmouth

5 Gallons

  • Janine Campbell of Acushnet
  • Donald Neves of North Dartmouth
  • Donna Sassone of Monument Beach
  • Donna Saunders of South Dartmouth
  • Cidalia Sousa of New Bedford
  • Ademir Souza of New Bedford

6 Gallons

  • Paul DaSilva of New Bedford
  • Robert Fernandes of Acushnet
  • James Hendricks of New Bedford
  • Cheryl Jacques of New Bedford
  • Marcia Joseph of Wareham
  • Chevelle Kelly of North Dartmouth
  • Frank Stephens of New Bedford
  • Douglas Veilleux of Fairhaven

7 Gallons

  • Mary Ann Booth of South Dartmouth
  • Fred Carvalho of Fairhaven
  • Casimir Jakowiec of New Bedford
  • Daniel O’Brien of Mattapoisett
  • Yvonne Saulnier of New Bedford

8 Gallons

  • John Cole of New Bedford
  • Paul Doherty of South Dartmouth
  • Thomas Lopes of Fairhaven
  • Joseph Smith II of New Bedford

9 Gallons

  • Bruce Barnes of New Bedford
  • Paul Charpentier of Acushnet
  • Kingsley Doe of South Dartmouth
  • Jo-Ann Finn of Wareham
  • Vincent Medeiros of South Dartmouth
  • Alan Swanson of New Bedford

11 Gallons

  • Peter Berthiaume of New Bedford
  • Donald Leung, Sr of North Dartmouth
  • Jeremy Zager of East Freetown

12 Gallons

  • Joseph Frois of North Dartmouth
  • Robert Lavoie of South Dartmouth

13 Gallons

  • Vitorino DaSilva of Acushnet
  • Ronald Girouard of New Bedford
  • Antonio Vasconcelos of New Bedford
  • Sharon Souza of Fairhaven

14 Gallons

  • Peter Mitchell of Rochester

15 Gallons

  • Leonard Rivet of North Dartmouth
  • Roger Trahan of New Bedford

16 Gallons

  • Alan Morse of West Wareham

17 Gallons

  • Michael Spoor of New Bedford

19 Gallons

  • Fernando Dutra of New Bedford

21 Gallons

  • Steven Macedo of New Bedford

The Southcoast Blood Bank: The Southcoast Blood Bank is located at St. Luke’s Hospital, 101 Page Street, New Bedford, off the main lobby. Walk-ins and appointments are welcome Monday & Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesdays & Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the 1st Saturday of the month 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (except holiday weekends, the Donor Room will be open the 2nd Saturday of the month). For more information or to make an appointment, call 508-961-5320. More information is available online at

Community Blood Drives: Southcoast hosts blood drives throughout the region on the Southcoast Blood Donor Van and at local businesses. The schedule can be found online at or by calling 508-961-5320.