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Promoting the Health of the South Coast Region Through Wellness & Prevention

At Southcoast Health, we understand that the best way to have a healthy community is to stop disease before it starts. That’s why we offer services for wellness and prevention in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island to patients of all ages.

Through our wellness and prevention services, you can learn to monitor your health through regular screenings, as well as be aware of the available resources offered by our health care experts. From getting immunizations to checking your blood pressure, Southcoast Health is here to help you maintain your wellness. Get started today by finding a doctor near you.

Trusted Wellness Services in Southeastern MA & RI

When you visit a Southcoast Health location, we will discuss your overall health with you, as well as address any specific needs. Whether you’re concerned about your family history and want tips on stroke prevention or are looking for effective nutritional advice, our physicians can answer your questions or refer you to another expert for specialized care.

As it’s our goal to create a healthy community, our Southcoast Wellness Van travels to locations throughout the region to bring wellness services to those who may not have access to health care. Our van addresses a number of health issues, provides resources for teens and STD information and offers provides screenings for cholesterol and diabetes.

You can find wellness and prevention services that you and your family need to promote a healthy life on our wellness van and at many Southcoast Health locations. See our events calendar for childbirth education, support groups and free community screenings like oral and skin cancer.

Southcoast Health offers disease prevention and wellness services in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Wareham, MA and parts of Rhode Island.