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The Benefits of Hospice from Southcoast VNA Supportive Care Center

Hospice is a specialized kind of care that offers comfort and support to patients and families who are no longer seeking active treatment and have a life expectancy of months or weeks. Hospice aims to improve the quality of life and provide symptom relief and other comfort measures for people nearing end-of-life.

Southcoast VNA Supportive Care Center hospice includes:

  • Management of pain and symptoms
  • Assistance with emotional, psycho-social and spiritual aspects of dying
  • Drugs, medical supplies and equipment
  • Specialty Care including physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Alternative therapies including massage, Reiki and aromatherapy
  • Short-term inpatient care when pain or symptoms become too difficult to mange at home
  • Bereavement services for surviving family and friends

We have a long history of serving our community with many types of supportive care. Learn more about hospice at Southcoast VNA or set up a consultation with our team by calling (800) 698-6877.

Southcoast VNA Supportive Care Center includes hospice in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.