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Southcoast Breast Center: Sentinel Node Biopsy & Axillary Surgery in MA

At the Southcoast Breast Center, we strive to offer the best diagnostics and treatment options available anywhere. This is no exception when it comes to patients with breast cancer. Our breast specialists, led by Dr. Maureen Chung, are proud to offer advanced methods of diagnosing and treating breast cancer through axillary surgery and sentinel node biopsy in Fall River and Dartmouth, MA.

To schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, find a specialist online or contact your nearest Southcoast Breast Center location.

Sentinel Node Biopsy

In order to tell if cancer has spread throughout the body (called metastasis), your doctor will likely look at your lymph nodes. Through a sentinel node biopsy (or a sentinel lymphadenectomy), your doctor can identify if cancer is present or not in the sentinel lymph node. This is the first lymph node or group of nodes that will drain a cancer. If the test shows that it is node negative (not indicating any cancer cells), then it will be very unlikely that other axillary lymph nodes have cancer cells. If the test is node positive, then you may need to undergo an axillary node dissection.

Axillary Node Dissection

If the cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, an axillary node dissection may be needed. This is a surgery used to remove most of the lymph nodes under the armpit (or axilla). These lymph nodes are organized into three levels (levels I, II and III), and axillary node dissection removes affected lymph nodes in levels I and II.

If you are interested in learning more about axillary node dissection or sentinel node biopsy in MA at Southcoast Health, we would be happy to work with you on the best treatment options for your diagnosis.

The Southcoast Breast Center provides sentinel node biopsy and axillary node dissection to prevent metastasis for patients in Fall River and Dartmouth, MA, and surrounding areas.