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Benefit from Breast Cryoablation for Fibroadenomas in North Dartmouth, MA

Southcoast Health offers our patients many options for breast care, including advanced treatments for breast tumors. If you have been diagnosed with a fibroadenoma (a noncancerous tumor found in the breast), come to the Southcoast Breast Center for breast cryoablation in North Dartmouth, MA or a surrounding area. Find a specialist near you to schedule a consultation.

What Is Breast Cryoablation?

If you have been diagnosed with a breast tumor, your doctor will first determine if it is cancerous or a fibroadenoma through a breast biopsy. For a fibroadenoma, you will have several treatment options to choose from, including lumpectomy, excisional biopsy and breast cryoablation. Cryoablation is ideal for small breast tumors that are visible through ultrasound.

During the procedure, the skin around your breast will be numbed with local anesthetic, then your doctor will insert a small, thin probe (called the cryoprobe) in the center of the tumor and freeze the affected tissue. This is an effective way to remove a fibroadenoma, and the procedure usually only takes about 30 minutes. We utilize IceCure cryoablation systems for our breast cryoablation procedures.

Breast cryoablation is an alternative to excisional biopsy and other types of surgery, offering a faster recovery through a less invasive approach.

Breast Cryoablation Recovery

Most patients are able to recover from breast cryoablation in one day, and the tumor will disappear in about six months. Side effects of the procedure may include some pain, bruising or infection. Ask your doctor at Southcoast Health about ways to minimize your risks.

Learn More About Breast Cryoablation at Southcoast Health

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of breast cryoablation across the South Coast, contact our Southcoast Breast Center location in North Dartmouth.

The Southcoast Breast Center provides advanced treatment options for benign breast tumors, including breast cryoablation, in Dartmouth, MA and the surrounding areas.