A Proud Leader in Cancer Care

Southcoast Health is proud to be the leading provider of cancer care services in the region

“You have cancer.” These are still some of the most frightening words anyone will hear. But, we’ve come a long way in both our treatment of and attitude toward this disease that affects so many.

Treatment is becoming increasingly specific and refined. New surgical techniques, radiation protocols and medications do a better job of targeting specific cancers while decreasing the impact on patients’ overall well-being.

Southcoast is proud to be the leading provider of cancer care services in the region, bringing levels of cancer treatment that equal or exceed those of larger institutions right here close to home.

When we opened the Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care in Fall River and Fairhaven in 2009 and 2011, we set about adopting the protocols and quality metrics of the leading provider of cancer services in the U.S. and we maintain those levels of performance to this day.

Our focus has always been on treating the entire person — not just their diagnosis — with patient navigators, social workers and a team of compassionate caregivers who not only take care of our patients’ needs, but those of their families.

We also want our patients to have access to the most cutting-edge care available, so we partnered with Brown University Oncology Research Group (BrUOG) to bring clinical trials to Southcoast. And, we offer genomic testing that helps us determine the most specific treatment for particular cancers.

Now, we are reimagining the structure of our cancer care team to create an integrative approach that will place an even greater focus on the patient.

We do all this — and will continue — for one reason: to ensure you do not have to travel far from home to get the most advanced cancer care available today … or tomorrow.

Best of health,
Keith Hovan | Southcoast Health+ Magazine
Keith A. Hovan
President & CEO, Southcoast Health System & Southcoast Hospitals Group