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Do you know an individual or team that consistently serve as role models for our Values and Service Behaviors? Nominate them for a President’s Award!

The Team President’s Award has been transformed this year to recognize collaboration, respect and overall excellence by a Southcoast team that exemplifies our Values and Service Behaviors. This award recognizes teams who work together as a cohesive unit and exemplify a “More than medicine” approach with everyone they encounter.

To learn more about President’s Award guidelines and to nominate an individual or a team for a President’s Award, visit the More Recognition page from the  homepage of the intranet or click here, and scroll down to the award nomination links.

2019 President’s Award Recipients

Joseph “Jay” Pires
Copy Technician
Jay brings heart and soul to the table.
When Jay isn’t pouring his heart into going above and beyond to support his coworkers and colleagues every day, he’s pouring his heart into feeding his soul. Whether rooting for his nephews at their many
sporting events, or playing his vast collection of music and dancing with his wife to some old-school tunes.
For Jay, every part of life is rewarding when you give it your heart and soul.
Odelia Oliveira
Health Unit Coordinator, Endoscopy
Odelia listens with her heart.
The ability to listen is a special skill. But for Odelia, it is also a natural part of who she is. Her unique ability to listen and anticipate the needs of others sets her apart, providing a calming presence and reassurance to her coworkers and patients.
And at the end of the day, she is always happy to listen to her beloved pet canaries sing a sweet, relaxing song.
Ashley Botelho
Dietary Specialist
For Ashley, life is all about balance.
Ashley understands the value of a balanced diet. She also knows the importance of living a balanced life — balancing the needs of her patients, her coworkers, her family and herself. She achieves balance by giving her all, while always taking the time to refuel her spirit.
Approaching life with balance helps Ashley take the best possible care of others and keeps her on top of her game.
Susan Fernandes, RN
Attending Nurse
Comforting others comes naturally to Susan.
Susan’s responsibilities can vary greatly from day to day. But with her kind heart and unwavering smile, she is always able to find the extra moments to ensure the comfort of others — from staying late to help her coworkers, to staying by the bedside of an anxious patient, providing a gentle touch and a comforting song.
An extra moment, a kind smile — seemingly simple, yet immeasurably comforting for those whose lives she touches.
Russell Boardman
Athletic Trainer, Ergonomic Specialist, Injury Prevention
For Russell, focus is the name of the game.
Whether keeping a sharp focus on the 10 players on the court as an athletic trainer, or teaching injury prevention techniques to thousands of patients,
Russell’s ability to focus is essential — allowing him to keenly assess the situation, provide guidance and ensure safety, always staying one step ahead.
Russell doesn’t mind warming the bench to keep everyone else off the sidelines.
Manny Victorino
Personal Computer Technician
For Manny, life is all about family.
Manny has brought his positive, glass-is-half-full spirit to his Southcoast Health family every day for over 30 years. He enjoys meeting new colleagues and helping resolve their complex technical issues, while making countless people smile with his calming nature and constant positivity.
He is grateful for the work he gets to do, and especially the family he gets to do it with. Including his own son, Jerry.
Manny’s glass is more than half-full. It is overflowing.
Baby-Friendly Task Force at St. Luke’s Hospital
What started as a ripple became a current.
A group of dedicated individuals, working together to achieve a shared goal, striving to reach new frontiers in care for their patients and the tiny new lives they are trusted with.
The achievement was significant, but what shined through was what they accomplished collectively. This is what it means to be a team.
“Together, we can do something wonderful.”
— Mother Teresa
Paul Silva
Rehabilitation Aide
“I get paid in smiles.”
A career change for Paul Silva led to an unexpected bonus — more smiles, each and every day. His days are filled by caring for his patients with encouraging words, boundless enthusiasm, and always lots of smiles, both given and received.
Putting a smile on another person’s face gives Paul something to smile about himself.
A smile is free, but it can also be priceless.
Christopher Abadi, MD
Cardiology, Medical Director of Echocardiography
Dr. Abadi knows hearts. And people.
He practices with the goal of delivering the best care by treating each person as if they were his only patient. He uses advanced clinical skills and techniques to diagnose and treat every one of his patients.
Treating hearts with heart. That’s how Dr. Abadi gets to the heart of the matter.
Michael Lapinski, RN
Multi-site Float Nurse
Michael can always be counted on to travel to whichever site he is needed as a Float Nurse. He fills in the gaps and is always willing to pitch in and assist before anyone asks for help.
Michael consistently plays the role of a kind, friendly, empathetic and compassionate nurse and coworker.
But his favorite role to play is the always reliable husband and daddy.
Michael St. Laurent
Respiratory Therapist
“Authorized Personnel Only” — as a child with illness, it was a sign Michael saw frequently. He watched his doctors and nurses come and go through those doors, caring for him, making him feel better. He wondered, what amazing things could be behind those doors?
His sense of wonderment turned into a sense of purpose. Michael wanted to be an Authorized Person, with the ability to help others feel better. And for over four decades, he has been going in and out of those doors, providing care and making a difference to so many patients and families.
Michael doesn’t wonder what’s behind those doors anymore. He knows it is something wonderful.
Owen Donnelly, Jr.
Team Leader, Imaging Informatics
sup·port (verb)
bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.
Behind the scenes of every successful healthcare experience is a critically important support team. During an imaging test, a patient will see many faces — radiologists, nurses, doctors and others. But do you know who they don’t see? Owen.
Owen plays a key role in providing radiology and imaging services at Southcoast, ensuring that the technology and testing equipment needed for each exam is operating perfectly. And, if technical issues do arise, he keeps a cool head and a steady hand, providing the support needed for both staff and patients.
He may not be on the front lines, but the front lines run more smoothly thanks to Owen’s support.