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Dr. Tina Charest is a Southcoast Health Primary Care Physician and a trusted source of health information for her patients. In this episode of the Southcoast’s More than medicine podcast, she addresses truths and myths about vaccinations and answers her most frequently asked questions.

The Southcoast More than medicine Podcast is reviving its efforts to answer the communities most pressing curiosities and questions about healthcare. If you are curious to learn more about a given area you can submit your ideas to

In this episode, we’re talking about your heart care and the advanced heart care procedures at the The Heart Hospital – Charlton Memorial. Dr. Peter Cohn, the Physician-in-Chief of the Cardiovascular Care Center and Dr. Peter Lee, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, take us behind the scenes of cardiovascular care.

We’ll also touch on the story of a patient who received a life-saving cardiac procedure and the importance of receiving emergency heart care close to home.

In this episode, we’re talking about the flu shot with Dr. Tina Charest. While it’s important every year to get your shot, this year is doubly important – and not just for you.

If you’ve ever been in a hospital’s emergency department during flu season, you know it can fill up quickly. And trying to care for both flu and COVID patients has hospitals across the country worried about their capacity to provide care. Each of us can help reduce this risk by getting a flu shot.

In this episode, Dr. Maureen Chung, Medical Director of the Breast Program at Southcoast Health, discusses the latest standard of care. With better early detection through improved annual mammograms, breast cancer is being found earlier. This results in most breast cancer surgeries being completed on an outpatient basis with far fewer patients requiring chemotherapy. Learn more about what the centers in Fall River, Dartmouth, and Wareham offer, and what you can do to help prevent breast cancer.

With this year’s back to school season there are more questions than answers, which is causing stress and anxiety for many families across the South Coast region. In this episode, we speak with two well respected researchers on family stress during the events like the pandemic, to help us understand what you should know and some things you can do to manage it. Karestan Koenan Ph.D is a professor of psychology epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, and Archana Basu Ph.D is a clinical psychologist and instructor at the Harvard Medical School and a research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health. Together, they help us understand the kinds of stress families are under and how we can take steps to manage it. Sound Clip Credit: NBC News, WKRG, WMDM

The COVID-19 pandemic has some patients concerned about visiting their doctor, receiving life-saving tests such as a mammogram or colonoscopy, or following up on care that’s been delayed. However, Southcoast Health is taking every step possible to make sure you’re safe during a visit to our facilities.

What are we doing? In this episode of our “More Than Medicine” podcast we’ll take you step by step through everything we’re doing to keep you safe when visiting any of our facilities. From checking you in at home to socially distancing waiting rooms with limited patients, our first priority is to keep you safe so that we can keep you healthy.

Southcoast Health is working to safely reopen medical services and facilities that were closed during the height of the pandemic.

Two leaders involved in the process join us for this episode. Primary care physician Dr. John Podkowa serves as Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Information Officer, and Tonya Johnson serves as Southcoast Health’s Vice President of Operations for the Southcoast Hospitals Group and the Site Administrator for Tobey Hospital. Together, they help us understand the work and planning that is going into making sure patients are safe when they come in for medical services. As COVID-19 will be with us until a vaccine is available, the plans being developed now are expected to be in place for many months. As services and locations reopen for patients, the website and social media sites will be updated.

We hope you’ll take away three things from this episode. First, safe care is being provided at Southcoast Health while we are continuing to treat COVID-19. Second, the virus is going to be with us for some time until a vaccine is available. Third, all of us working together can help ensure the health and safety of the South Coast region through masking, social distancing, washing hands and more. We can all make a difference in the health of our community.

With the pandemic causing many of us to stay at home for an extended period, we may be exercising much less than usual. But the warm weather is a great reason to find new ways to get and up move! 

In this episode, Sean Conlon, a Team Leader in Southcoast Health’s Rehab Services, teaches us that there are all kinds of ways to exercise without spending money. He also recommends a wide range of online resources for different ages, activity levels, and fitness abilities. 

The list of resources includes

  • the American Heart Association
  • National Institute on Aging
  • Johnson & Johnson “7 Minute Workout”

As always, be sure to contact your physician before beginning a new exercise routine. And remember, if you’re in public areas (streets, parks, etc.), be sure to social distance and wear a mask. Exercising is an excellent way to promote physical and mental wellness, and a great way to cope during times of stress.

With residents across the South Coast asked to stay home for several weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local libraries are stepping up with a wealth of free online resources. From e-books, audio books, online magazines, resume preparation and job search support, online classes, and more – local libraries are offering a lifeline of free resources that are available to everyone in the region. Learn how you can help your family’s stay at home wellness by accessing these resources with our guest Susan Pizzolato, Director of the Mattapoisett Free Public Library.

In this episode of Southcoast Health’s “More Than Medicine” podcast, we asked cardiologist Dr. Ashwini Sahni for help. Dr. Sahni integrates a holistic approach to medicine in his practice, including the use of exercise, yoga, diet, meditation and mindfulness. To help us during the COVID-19 home quarantine, he recommends specific steps you can take during this time to improve your overall well-being. He also discusses the use of online resources including Headspace for meditation and Inner Engineering, a free for healthcare professions, 10 hour mindfulness course.

With Governor Baker’s announcement yesterday that schools will be closed until May 4th due to the pandemic, we asked two experienced moms for help with activities and more. Alison Van Keuren is the owner of located in Mattapoisett, MA. Her company creates unique outdoor learning experiences for kids. Marisa LaScala is the Parenting & Relationships Editor for She is the author of articles on learning resources, inexpensive fun activities and more. Both guests offer great ideas for fun and educational kids activities, how to structure a home schooling day, and tips for surviving an extended time at home with family during the COVID-19 public health crisis. One key take away? We’re all figuring this out as we go.

COVID – 19 Coronavirus Forum With Southcoast Health’s Medical Leadership On March 5, 2020

In this episode, we focus on COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. Southcoast Health recently hosted an online panel regarding the coronavirus for the community. It was held on Thursday, March 5th.

The event covered preparations around the virus at Southcoast Health and in the community. It also offers advice about what you should know, and what steps to take to protect yourself. This episode is a recording of that event, and continually updated information is available at

The Dangers Of Kids Vaping And Dabbing With Katie Collins, DNP Of Southcoast Health.

It’s estimated that one in four kids in middle and high school have tried e-cigarettes and vaping, which can quickly become addicting. In addition, a more ominous trend is “dabbing”, where concentrated THC is placed into the vaping device. Southcoast Health’s Katie Collins, DNP helps us understand these trends, the signs to look for around usage, and who to turn to for advice and help.

Welcome Episode

Southcoast Health is pleased to announce the release of its first podcast called “More than medicine”. In this episode, you’ll hear clips from several of the doctors and patients who will be featured in coming episodes. Overall, the podcast will focus on health and wellness topics and feature Southcoast Health clinicians, personnel and patients, as well as community members from the region and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about Southcoast Health, please visit us at

Heart Health with Dr. Nosheen Javed

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the silent dangers of heart disease. Dr. Nosheen Javed, a Southcoast Health cardiac interventionalist, engages in discussion on why women have different symptoms than men when it comes to heart attacks and what the every day person can do to prevent heart disease. If you’d like to learn more about Southcoast Health, please visit us at

Eating Healthy with Emily Tessier

In this episode, we meet with Emily Tessier, a registered dietician with Southcoast Health’s Outpatient Nutrition Services. We learn how to avoid unhealthy convenience foods, and how to shop at the grocery store in a way that is both healthy and affordable. If you’d like to learn more about Southcoast Health, please visit us at

Weight Loss Surgery with Dr. Ray Kruger

In this episode, we meet with Southcoast Health’s Dr. Ray Kruger, Physician-In-Chief, Surgery Care Center. He helps us understand why weight loss surgery is safe and minimally invasive with positive outcomes for patients. In addition, he explains Southcoast Health’s Medical Weight Loss program, and who would be candidates for one of the programs. If you’d like to learn more about Southcoast Health, please visit us at