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Urgent Care

Make a Gift in Support of the Tobey Emergency Department Campaign

A $25 million capital project funded in part by philanthropic contributions from the community.

Please check below for changes to patient parking and access to Emergency Department and other services

  • Patient parking is now located in the front section of the west parking lot on High Street, at the front of Tobey Hospital.
  • Patient access to the temporary emergency room location is through the hospital’s main entrance on High Street – not through the back of the hospital where it previously was. 

A New Tobey Hospital Emergency Center – Coming in early 2022!

The community has recognized the need, already raising nearly $2 million for this much-needed capital endeavor. Southcoast Health has set a goal to raise an additional $5 million in private funding to support the completion of the emergency department.

The project

When you or a loved one need emergency care, you want to know that the very best providers and facilities are accessible – close to home – 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. While Tobey’s top-notch clinicians and staff have long been recognized for providing incredible, compassionate care, the emergency department renovation and expansion currently underway will ensure that every aspect of a patient’s experience will be exceptional.

Slated for completion in 2022, the new space will quadruple the facility to 25,000 square feet while increasing the number of treatment rooms from 15 to 27. Behavioral health patients will have access to six specially designed treatment rooms to facilitate provider response to substance use disorders and mental health crises. Last renovated in 1987, the current emergency department was meant to accommodate 15,000 patients annually; half the 30,000 patients the Tobey emergency department now cares for year.

The renovated emergency department could accommodate 40,000 patients per year and will ensure that world-class care is available right here; in the community.

Take a Live Look at the Construction Site

This exciting renovation and expansion includes:

  • An additional 17,500 sq. ft. of space for a total of 25,000 sq. ft. which is more than triple the size of the current ED.
  • Approximately 30 treatment rooms including dedicated rooms for bariatric patients, behavioral health patients and patients in need of advanced life saving and isolation/decontamination.
  • Increased capacity to accommodate the growing needs of the community.
  • Larger, private rooms with access to the latest treatment technologies at the bedside.
  • Enhanced areas for greater patient comfort, safety, privacy and infection control.
  • Improved workspaces for staff and sight lines from a centralized nursing station.
  • Improved triage and hospital throughput, resulting in shorter wait times for everyone needing care.

Make a Gift in Support of the Tobey Emergency Department Campaign