Patient-Centered Care

Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care reorganize to provide wrap-around services to patients

One of the unique aspects of cancer treatment is that it spans many facets of the healthcare continuum. A patient may require surgery, medical and/or radiation oncology, inpatient care, visiting nurse services and more.

“The proper care of a patient with a cancer diagnosis requires an integrative approach that allows for collaboration between physicians and other care staff and ensures a short time line from diagnosis to treatment,” says Renee Clark, Chief Operating Officer for Southcoast Hospitals Group. “The new organizational structure of the Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care is designed to do just that.”

Clark now serves as co-chair of the Cancer Centers leadership committee, along with Elizabeth Blanchard, MD, Chief of Medical Oncology. Dr. Blanchard is serving a three-year rotation that will always be filled by a physician.

Other members of the leadership committee include: Patrick Gagnon, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology; Sheri Weintraub, MS, DABR, Director of Radiation Oncology; Carme Tripp, MHA, RN, Director of Medical Oncology; Victor Pricolo, MD, Chief of General and Colorectal Surgery; John Rampone, Executive Director of Surgery; and Timothy Eixenberger, RN, MBA, DNP, Chief Nursing Officer.

The committee will focus on developing a patient-centered care approach and integrating with other services across Southcoast Health to ensure a smooth continuum of care for patients.

“Our intent is to develop service lines around sites or organ systems where cancers occur, much as we did with the Breast Center,” Clark says. “Organizing care in this manner allows us to wrap services around the patient according to their individual needs. It also helps to break down barriers to their receiving care in a timely manner, which is really what patients want. No one wants to wait for care when they learn they have cancer.”