Partnering for the Health of People and Pets

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Southcoast Health connects with the Potter League to benefit our community

As Southcoast Urgent Care prepared to open a location in Middletown, R.I., recently, we were looking for opportunities to introduce ourselves to the community.

David Rogers, a Physician Assistant with Southcoast Urgent Care, suggested what may seem to many an unlikely option. Rogers’ wife volunteers at the Potter League, a nonprofit animal shelter and education center in Middletown, and he thought partnering with the league during its annual Heart & Sole Walk for Animals might provide a great opportunity to get to know the community.

Wendy Montella, Outreach Coordinator for Southcoast Urgent Care and Occupational Health, contacted the league and toured the shelter.

“I was so impressed with what they were doing for animals and for the community,” she says. “Our missions are definitely like-minded.”

Brad Shear, Executive Director of the Potter League agrees. “The health element to pet ownership is real and important,” he says. “The bond created between a pet and an individual is good for the health of both, and if that pet is a dog that needs regular walks or other exercise, there is the benefit of increased activity.”

Southcoast Urgent Care reserved booth space at the Heart & Sole Walk to connect with the approximately 450 people who took part. “It was a great day,” Wendy says. “We spoke with so many members of the community and were able to support a community partner who is doing very important work.”

In December, the Urgent Care Centers and Occupational Health also collected donations of items on the Potter League’s wish list. “I definitely see this as a long-term partnership,” Wendy says.

The Potter League cares for about 2,000 animals annually. They also offer community education, behavior and training services, a pet food pantry and much more in a state-of-the-art, building with an environmentally friendly design.