Meet Southcoast Health’s New Director of Enterprise Business Systems

Marc Franks joined Southcoast Health as Director of Enterprise Business Systems this month.

“I’m a big fan of my Fitbit for keeping track of how active and restful I’ve been each day. Is it strange to pace back and forth during non-Microsoft Teams calls? Asking for a friend.”

When he’s not tracking his steps, he is leading his IT team. This team manages PeopleSoft for Enterprise Resource Planning and Kronos for Workforce Management.  They also manage the integration of these solutions with Microsoft Office 365 and Epic. Third-party solutions and vendor operations also fall under their expertise.

“My role provides the thought leadership and relationships needed for continuous improvement of the Southcoast Health deployments of these solutions.”

Marc says problem-solving and continuous improvement is his main focus.

“The healthcare landscape is constantly moving forward. My group needs to constantly be supporting that change so that Southcoast Health can operate efficiently in fulfilling its mission.”

His team is responsible for supporting the Payroll Department – an important task because “everyone likes to bring home the proverbial bacon.”

Marc’s group supports all the “back office” enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions, Human Capital Management (HR), Finance, and Supply Chain. They also support the Kronos workforce management solution for badging in to track work hours.

“Without this support, the Southcoast Health resources utilizing the ‘front office’ Epic electronic health records (EHR) solution.”

Marc began pursuing Enterprise Business Systems after experiencing success working in the Chicago and New York healthcare space.

“I was able to leverage some ideas from non-healthcare sectors that produced some meaningful results which were fulfilling.”

He entered his current role after assisting Cape Cod Healthcare with a similar role for the past year and a half and was lucky enough to find Southcoast was interviewing at the same time he was departing Cape Cod Healthcare.

“Through some of the vendor relationships I had developed and a solid reputation for goal completion, I was made aware that this opportunity was available to be a part of the Southcoast Health family. Thankfully, I impressed enough people to be asked to join Southcoast Health.”

Marc says the group’s goal is to create an ever-evolving user experience and informative experience. He says it’s also important to serve the departments as customers while using Southcoast Health values and mission to guide tasks and projects.

“In other words, by treating the user community as our customers and fostering a constant communications feedback loop, our actions to achieve these goals become readily apparent.”