How to Have a Healthy Summer

Read Health+ for safety tips and important information on getting the best care for yourself and your family

After what felt like the longest winter on record, we are finally on the doorstep of summer. And, really, is there any better time to live here on the South Coast? With our beautiful shoreline, golf courses, nature trails, historical attractions and open spaces, the opportunities for getting outside and getting active are endless.

Unfortunately, too much sun, injuries and biting insects can cut short summer fun and have lasting repercussions if we are not careful. That is why we have filled this issue of Health+ with tips on how to protect yourself from harm and important information on getting the best care for yourself and your loved ones.

If something does go wrong and it’s not an emergency, our Urgent Care centers are available to provide the help you need and get you on your way quickly. We are pleased to announce that we recently opened our newest Urgent Care center in Lakeville and will be opening another at the South Coast Marketplace in Fall River early this summer.

A more serious injury might call for the services of one of our highly skilled orthopedic physicians or surgeons. You will meet two of them — Dr. Joseph Lifrak and Dr. Christopher Robertson — who specialize in sports medicine. Visit <link to videos> to watch videos of two amazing student athletes whom Dr. Lifrak and Dr. Robertson treated.

We will also introduce you to three of our newest physicians, Dr. John Cava, cardiologist; Dr. Daniel Miller, internist; and Dr. Syeda Sayeed, rheumatologist. Dr. Miller will join us on June 18, while Dr. Cava and Dr. Sayeed are already serving new patients. You can learn more about them on the back page. And don’t forget to check out our Wellness Calendar, which offers a wide variety of classes and support groups.

Wishing you a fun, relaxing and healthy summer.

Keith A. Hovan
President & CEO, Southcoast Health