Southcoast Health Celebrates National Doctors Day!

The Importance of Our Doctors

Dear Members of the Southcoast Medical Staff:

On this National Doctors Day, just over a year after the pandemic reached southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, you continue to lead with advanced practice clinicians, nurses, clinical and support services colleagues, and so many others in our response to COVID-19. You do this all while continuing to perform preventative medicine, administer advanced and innovative procedures, and deliver emergent treatments to patients.

The role a physician plays in a patient’s life is often long-lasting. It is a relationship centered around trust, empathy, compassion and support. The exceptional care and service provided to patients – by our Southcoast Physicians Group providers, Southcoast Health Network providers, and our friends and colleagues on our Southcoast Hospitals Group Medical Staff from Hawthorn and PrimaCARE – is invaluable to our community.

As we commemorate this year’s National Doctors Day and look back on the past year, we collectively focus our reflection on all that has been accomplished and achieved on behalf of our grateful patients whom we are so fortunate to serve.

The heroism, bravery and commitment to our patients and community – while never surprising – is reflective of exceptional physicians and amazing care teams here in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

On behalf of your patients, colleagues, and a thankful region on this year’s National Doctors Day – thank you for all you do every day to provide exceptional care and service to grateful individuals and families.

With gratitude,

Keith A. Hovan

President & CEO

Southcoast Health 

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