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Women’s History Month is a time to commemorate and celebrate the vital role of women in history.

At Southcoast Health, we recognize the contributions of women in all facets of health and medicine, including the many women leaders and staff right here in our organization. Hear from some of our female forces:

Dawn Drexler MSN, RN

Operations Manager of Hospice, Southcoast VNA

4 Years of Service with Southcoast Health

What do you love about your role?

Working to ensure that patients and families have the best care during such a vulnerable and emotional time in their lives holds unique rewards and challenges. COVID has put additional stresses on patients and families that bring the need for a holistic care model. The Hospice and Supportive Care team does an amazing job working together and ensuring we are able to provide optimal care. It’s very rewarding to help staff, patients and their families.

What advice would you give your 17-year-old self?

To my 17-year-old self, I would say hang on tight, you’re going to be on a road less taken! I never saw myself working as a nurse in hospice. At that time, I was headed to college for Slavic Linguistics (Yes I know, what an amazingly useful degree J.). Life has a way of twisting and turning, and my road brought me to hospice a decade ago as a nurse case manager.

Is there a female role model who has been important to your success?

A strong female role model in my life was Amelia Earhart. She set out to follow her passion of flying despite it being culturally not acceptable as a woman. In the same vein, my grandmother learned to fly in the 1930’s, and she gifted me flying lessons on my 12th birthday. I actually learned to fly before I learned to drive. Her passion for flying was carried into the future through me. I think flight is symbolic for me in many ways. I am not ‘tethered to the ground,’ and I never set a limit on what I think I can accomplish. The journey may be long, but I will get there. 

Any words of wisdom on work-life balance?

My advice on work-life balance is to play as hard as you work! To me, the quality of the time spent outside of work rather than the quantity is what matters. I don’t want to sleep because I feel like I am losing an opportunity to do something I love. I have hobbies that border on professions. Spending time doing photography and creating art absorbs my mind completely and takes away any thoughts of work. I also have the joy of being able to keep my art in my work space. Seeing it lets me take a short ‘mindful moment’ whenever I feel I need it. The photos behind me in my picture are two of my pieces.