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Southcoast Health Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. For Southcoast Health, it is also an opportunity to bring attention to the complex issue of health equity.

“Health equity is achieved when everyone can attain their full potential for health and well-being.” (World Health Organization)

To achieve health equity, the nonmedical causes of health disparities called “social determinants” of health, must be addressed. They are the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life. These forces and systems include economic policies and systems, development agendas, social norms, social policies, racism, climate change, and political systems.

Throughout February, we will seek to increase awareness of the challenges caused by healthcare disparities in our community particularly for black and brown community members. A healthcare disparity is a difference between population groups in the way they access, experience, and receive health care. We will have focused discussions on Southcoast Health’s initiatives, as well as new opportunities, to address the causes of these underlying inequities.

Black History Month Panel Event: Health Equity

Tuesday, February 28, 5:30pm

The Southcoast Health Black Lives Matter Coalition, in conjunction with the Southcoast Health Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, will sponsor a very special health equity themed event. A panel of five speakers will explore local health disparities data, efforts from health equity warriors to achieve true improvements in health disparities, as well as the accelerated efforts that Southcoast Health is taking to address health disparities in our community.

This virtual event is open to the community. Please fill out the form below to receive an email with the Teams link to join the event.


Celebrating Our Colleagues

Throughout Black History Month, Southcoast will recognize our own Black colleagues who contribute every day to our mission of serving the Southcoast community and providing exceptional care from people who care to our patients. Their inspirational stories will be shared on social media, in weekly newsletters, and on this page.

Southcoast is honoring Black History Month by recognizing the contributions from some of our Black colleagues. To learn more about their stories as well as others, see below and visit our profiles series gallery. 

Southcoast BLM Coalition Makes an Impact During its First 18 Months

Southcoast Health founded our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council in 2019, with the mission of fostering a culture of health that celebrates and embraces the diversity of our workforce and the communities we serve. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder in May 2020, we recognized that we cannot create this inclusive environment unless we address the systemic barriers impacting so many employees and patients.