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Southcoast Health Celebrates Black History Month

This February marks our 3rd annual Southcoast Health celebration of Black History Month. The Diversity Recognition Work Group, in collaboration with the Black Lives Matter Coalition, both a part of the Southcoast Health Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council, invite you to join in the celebration.

Sailing to Freedom Virtual Event

Wednesday, February 23, 5:45-6:45pm

For this year’s event, we are focused on a conversation about slavery, and the escape from slavery through a maritime underground railway.

To have this conversation, we have invited UMass Dartmouth Professor Timothy Walker, editor of “Sailing to Freedom, Maritime Dimensions of the Underground Railroad,” for a virtual live presentation in which he will discuss a new groundbreaking book that expands our understanding of what the journey looked like for slaves making their way by boat to freedom in northeastern coastal cities such as New Bedford.

Sailing to Freedom Virtual Event

Celebrating Our Colleagues

During February, Southcoast will be honoring Black History Month by recognizing the contributions from some of our Black colleagues in our profiles series. Look for the profiles on this site and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Southcoast BLM Coalition Makes an Impact During its First 18 Months

Southcoast Health founded our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council in 2019, with the mission of fostering a culture of health that celebrates and embraces the diversity of our workforce and the communities we serve. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder in May 2020, we recognized that we cannot create this inclusive environment unless we address the systemic barriers impacting so many employees and patients.