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New Options for Menopause

As women complete childbearing and approach menopause, they are sometimes faced with health dilemmas that previously could be treated only with invasive surgery or long-term medication.

Now there are new, less invasive treatments available locally that can improve your health with little impact on your life.


    Essure is a new form of permanent birth control that, unlike tubal ligation, requires no incisions or general anesthesia.

    During the procedure, which takes about 35 minutes, a small, flexible "micro-insert" is placed into each fallopian tube — the tubes your eggs pass through from your ovaries to your uterus. The micro-inserts are made from materials that have been used in the human body for years. The micro-inserts block the fallopian tubes, preventing pregnancy.

    Women can usually return to work and other normal activities within one or two days.

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    Novasure is a minimally-invasive method of controlling excessive uterine bleeding.

    Heavy bleeding, also called menorrhagia, affects one in five women and can be a serious problem. Novasure is an effective alternative to surgical hysterectomy or long-term drug therapy, which can have potential side effects.

    The Novasure procedure takes less than five minutes and women can resume their normal activities within one to two days.

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