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With summer comes sun, fun — and unfortunately some common health emergencies. You and your family can be safer this summer by using some basic prevention techniques.

After a cold, New England winter we all want to bask in the sun. But as with everything, too much sun is definitely a bad thing, causing problems like heat stroke and exhaustion and skin cancer with long-term exposure. In fact skin cancer incidence is growing at an alarming rate in our nation of sun worshippers. Check out our tips about how to make fun in the sun safer for you and your family.

We also like to suddenly become athletes — flocking to the courses and courts and roads. But weekend athletes forget that they need to first get in shape. Our tips on golf and tennis will help you get more out of your sports outings this summer.

Unfortunately, humans aren't the only ones flocking to the outdoors in the summer. There are also millions of pesky insects who themselves carry bugs that range from Lyme disease to some mosquito viruses. Learn how to avoid them with our practical tips.

Above all, have fun and enjoy the abundant natural beauty of the South Coast.

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