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Women & Sports

Pregnancy & the female athlete

Young women today have a greater opportunity than ever to take advantage of opportunities in organized sports. Studies have proven numerous benefits for female sport participation, including a lowered rate of teen pregnancy.
  • Females need to pay attention to good nutrition during participation in sports. There is a misconception that "thinner is better" in sports, but muscle actually breaks down during weight loss, reducing strength and endurance.

  • Females need to pay attention to adequate calcium consumption during the teen years. Teen female athletes sometimes put themselves at risk for the development of osteoporosis and other problems when they exercise intensely and do not get enough calcium in their diet. Good sources are milk, yogurt and other dairy products.

  • Female athletes, particularly older athletes who may not be well-conditioned, are at increased risk for knee injuries such as tears of the anterior cruciate ligament. To help prevent these injuries, itÍs important to do strength and flexibility training, such as stretching exercises and strength exercises that build leg muscle.

  • Female athletes should be encouraged to begin participation in physically active events at an early age. They should be allowed the same opportunities to grow and develop as their male counterparts.


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