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About Southcoast Physicians Network

Southcoast Physicians Network is committed to improving the highest quality of care for patients of the South Coast region.

SPN supports affiliated physician practices through quality assurance programs and the development of practice management and information technology solutions.

SPN supports affiliated physician practices through pay-for-performance compensation arrangements that are designed to improve the quality of care and to result in fair compensation for physician participation.

SPN also supports the recruitment and retention of primary care and specialty physicians to provide a comprehensive scope of clinical care.

SPN Member Physician Practices

Many of the region's most respected physicians and physician practices are members of Southcoast Physicians Network.

SPN Board

    Warren M. Wood II, MD

    Christopher P. Cheney, MD
    Vice Chair

    Joseph A. Costa, DO

    Keith A. Hovan
    President & CEO, Southcoast Health System & Southcoast Hospitals Group

    Paul B. Iannini, MD

    Robert McGowen, MD

    Curtis J. Mello, MD

    Ronald A. Schwartz, MD

    Hugh Woolverton MD

SPN Committees

The following committees are part of Southcoast Physicians Network and report to the Board of Directors.

  • Contracting & Payments Committee: In coordination with Southcoast Hospitals Group (SHG), this committee develops contracting guidelines and goals for SHG/SPN contracting activities and recommends individual contract approval to the Board of Directors. More specifically the committee reviews, evaluates and recommends to the Board acceptable payer and managed care contract terms, criteria and policies, including payment methodologies; various approaches to capitation programs and reimbursement policies, and implements fee schedules. This may include allocation and division of revenues from contracts, negotiation, review and monitoring of contract terms between SPN and any plan and between SPN, SHG and other hospitals where appropriate.

  • Credentialing & Clinical Performance: This committee develops, implements and recommends to the Board policies governing the process of credentialing practitioners as network participants, the criteria for reviewing practitioner performance and the setting other quality/patient safety standards necessary for the oversight of the medical management functions of SPN.

  • Physician Information Technology Committee: Under the direction of the Board of Directors, this committee assesses information technology needs as it relates to the physician practice setting, particularly in relation to a common platform for an electronic health record (EHR). The committee sets guidelines for IT development and recommends IT budgets and vendor selection to the Board of Directors.


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