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Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The RAPPP (Responsible Attitudes toward Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention) Program has a twofold mission:

  1. To provide leadership, education, training, information, resources and support to professionals, parents and organizations on adolescent health, teen pregnancy, parenting, and youth risk reduction.
  2. To engage youth to positively impact their family and community on issues of adolescent reproductive health, responsible parenting, reduction of risk behavior, civic and personal responsibility by encouraging and nurturing personal growth and realization of individual strengths and potential.

Our Goals

Adolescent Reproductive Health:

  • Providing adolescents with the essential sexuality education that they deserve, encouraging and promoting sexual postponement, in order that they may mature into responsible and healthy adults.
  • Presenting objective, medically accurate and up to date information.
  • Facilitating discussion on issues of responsible sexual behavior and reproductive health.
  • Engaging youth in creating and fostering positive attitudinal and behavioral changes through peer leadership and civic involvement.
  • Promoting parent-child dialogue on these issues.

Responsible Parenting

  • Providing adolescent parents with the education necessary to be a responsible parent and nurture a healthy relationship with the child's mother/father.
  • Providing information to help the young parent successfully develop and utilize parenthood and relationship skills.
  • Expounding the legal rights, consequences and social responsibilities of parenthood.
  • Presenting objective medically accurate sexuality education while promoting sexual responsibility.
  • Recognizing the need for continued encouragement and support for teen parents by providing opportunities that foster personal growth and development.
  • Providing a venue for young parents to share the successes and challenges of their expanding role as new parents.

Youth Risk Behavior

  • Fostering healthy lifestyles and creating, safe environments where people live, learn, and work in our community.
  • Providing programs and services that promote healthy youth development and engage youth in service learning and community involvement.
  • Educating youth, educators, parents and professions in the areas of violence prevention, substance abuse, and personal safety.


RAPPP Program
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