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Southcoast Hospitals Group has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

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The Latest Technology

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Charlton Memorial Hospital's 3T MRI unit offers outstanding diagnostic capabilities, patient comfort and efficient workflow. The MAGNETOM Verio brings the Open Bore advantage to our patients.

We strive to put our patients at ease.

  • Limit claustrophobic rejections.
  • Sedate fewer patients.
  • Capture sharper images due to less anxiety-related movement.

With this new device, we are able to expand our care to a wider range of patients to accommodate special needs and conditions, including:

  • Obese population (up to 550 pounds).
  • Claustrophobic patients.
  • Pediatric and elderly patients.
  • Patients with respiratory problems.
  • ICU patients or those dependent upon medical equipment.
  • Patients with pain and mobility issues.
  • Patients with kyphosis.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Bringing much-needed technology to the South Coast region, Southcoast Hospitals Group provides Positron Emission Tomography (PET) services through its mobile PET/CT body scanner.

With the added benefit of PET/CT scanning, Southcoast will have complete advanced imaging capabilities for its patients. The combination of PET and CT provides the physician with a more accurate diagnostic assessment. The PET shows the metabolic activity of cancer while the CT scan indicates the precise location of cancer in the body.

Having a PET/CT scanner at Southcoast Hospitals provides our oncology patients with state-of-the-art imaging capability for their care.

100% Digital Mammography

Southcoast Hospitals has expanded its health and wellness services available to women with the addition of a new digital mammography system.

Digital mammography allows us to provide you with the highest quality of care in the prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

Unlike other parts of the body, the breast is composed mainly of soft tissue. When breast tissue is X-rayed, it creates an image that looks something like a smoky haze, making it difficult to see tiny "spots," called microcalcifications, and other subtle signs of early cancer.

With digital mammography, the radiologist reviews electronic images of the breast using special high-resolution monitors. The physician can adjust the brightness, change contrast and zoom in for close ups of specific areas of interest.

Being able to manipulate images is one of the main benefits of digital technology. Another convenience of digital mammography over film-based systems is it can greatly reduce the need for retakes due to over or under exposure, reducing your exposure to X-rays.

Digital mammography feels identical to conventional screening from a patient's perspective, though women may notice shorter exam times and a reduction in call-backs to obtain additional images.

Like their conventional units, digital mammography units at Southcoast have Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) technology built right in. Digital CAD highlights characteristics commonly associated with breast cancer. When activated, it flags abnormalities to help the radiologist detect early breast cancer. CAD is, in essence, a second set of eyes to support and enhance the radiologist's judgment.

Southcoast will have digital mammography at all sites where mammograms are offered by January 2008, making it the largest digital system in the South Coast region. Women from Wareham, New Bedford, Fall River and all surrounding areas will have access to this technology.

Top Slice

Four Computer Tomography (CT) scanners were installed across the system and are housed at each of Southcoast's three main hospital sites.

The 64-slice CT scanners allow for faster exams and higher quality images, both leading to more timely and accurate diagnoses.

EndoVenous Laser Treatments

Learn more about EndoVenous Laser Treatments at Southcoast

Southcoast Hospitals offers EndoVenous Laser Treatments (EVLT) to eliminate painful and unsightly spider and varicose veins.

The new FDA-approved procedure will be offered at the Southcoast Center for Women's Health in North Dartmouth.

Southcoast is the only hospital in the area offering this alternative to painful vein stripping. An Interventional Radiologist performs the minimally-invasive procedure, which only takes 45 minutes.

Call the Center for Women's Health at 508-973-9300 to schedule a consultation to determine your eligibility.

Download the Patient Brochure that provides answers to all your questions about EVLT (PDF)

Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS)

Southcoast Radiology Imaging Services has been a pioneer in the industry, obtaining the most advanced imaging software and hardware. Preparing for the Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS), Southcoast has moved to using digital equipment in several areas of the Radiology Imaging department.

PACS will enable hospitals to acquire, process, store, and use medical images and patient data more efficiently. This will allow for images to be available in multiple locations simultaneously and transferred to remote locations; faster diagnosis and communication; and increased image quality acquired by digital or computed radiography.


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