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Southcoast Hospitals Group has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to schedule an appointment?

    Centralized Scheduling at 508-973-3900.

    Appointments are always made directly through the department.

How do I schedule same day appointments?

    Call each department directly:

    • Charlton Memorial Hospital
      Radiology ~ 508-973-7265
      CT ~508-973-7594
      Mammography ~ 508-973-7265
      Interventional* ~ 508-973-7591
      Ultrasound ~ 508-973-7265
      Nuclear Medicine ~ 508-973-7334
      MRI ~ 508-973-7133

    • St. Luke's Hospital
      Radiology ~ 508-961-5338
      CT ~ 508-961-5384
      Interventional ~ 508-961-5338
      Ultrasound ~ 508-961-5363
      Nuclear Medicine ~ 508-961-5374

    • Tobey Hospital
      Radiology ~ 508-273-4144

    • Center for Women's Health ~ 508-973-9300

    • Truesdale RIS* ~ 508-973-7392

    • New Boston Medical Center ~ 508-679-8272

    • Narragansett Mill ~ 508-679-1141

    • Linden Tree ~ 401-683-4817 x4

    • Borden Medical Building ~ 508-973-7549

Do all patient's need a physician's order?

    Yes, similar to needing a prescription to get your medication at the pharmacy, all patients need a physician's order to have their exam done. All orders should be faxed to Centralized Scheduling at the time of booking. Giving an additional copy of the order to the patient can help to ensure the order is received at the time of the exam. Exams cannot be given without the physician's order and patients may have to be cancelled or rescheduled.

    Numbers to fax orders to:

    • All Charlton & St. Luke's patients ~ 508-973-7477
    • Tobey patients ~ 508-273-4145

      *Orders for same day requests must be faxed directly to the department.

    • Charlton ~ 508-973-7170
    • St. Luke's Radiology ~ 508-961-5339
    • St. Luke's Nuclear Medicine ~ 508-961-5481
    • Tobey ~ 508-273-4145
    • Center for Women's Health ~ 508-973-9325
    • Truesdale RIS ~ 508-973-6652
    • New Boston Medical Center ~ 508-679-8174
    • Narragansett Mill ~ 508-679-4192
    • Linden Tree ~ 401-683-2470

What information should I have readily available when scheduling an appointment?

  • Patient Name
  • Medical Record Number
  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Type of Exam
  • Ordering physician
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Diagnosis/ reason for visit
  • Special needs
  • Insurance referrals/ pre-authorization

    Having the medical record number available when calling, drastically reduces the time spend on the phone scheduling a patient.

Where do I direct my patients to pick up their X-rays?

    Patients should be directed to the main department imaging area at each hospital. The outreaches vary, so please check to see where patients should pick up their images from exams at a specific outreach. Please note a 24-hour notice is preferred to expedite the patient's images accurately.

    Patients can call:

    • Charlton Memorial Hospital Film Library ~ 508-973-7330
    • St. Luke's Hospital Film Library ~ 508-961-5352
    • Tobey Hospital Film Library ~ 508-273-4159
    • Center for Womens Health ~ 508-973-9300
    • Truesdale ~ 508-973-7392
    • New Boston Medical Center ~ Please check with the receptionist; X-rays can be picked up at this location or at Charlton Memorial Hospital ~ 508-679-8272
    • Narragansett Mill ~ X-rays are to be picked up at the Charlton Film Library ~ 508-679-7330
    • Linden Tree ~ 401-683-4817 x4
    • Borden Medical Building ~ X-rays are to be picked up at the Charlton Film Library ~ 508-973-7330
    • Greater New Bedford Community Health Center ~ X-rays are to be picked up at the St. Luke's Film Library ~ 508-961-5352
    • Southcoast Center for Cancer Care at North Dartmouth ~ Please check with the receptionist as to where you should pick up your X-rays ~ 508-979-5858 x1001

How long should it take to receive a patient's report?

    A report is mailed through the postal service and should arrive at the physician's office within 3-5 days.

How is Radiology Imaging Services handling the need for pre-authorization requests for insurance companies?

    Patients with Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, and Blue Cross Blue Shield will require a pre-authorization number prior to booking nuclear cardiac studies, CT, and MRI exams. Having the NIA# available when calling will expedite scheduling. You will be contacted by the hospital for the number if it is not available at the time the patient is scheduled.

Patient Prep Procedures

Patient prep procedures for each of Southcoast's imaging sites are available for download here. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents.

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