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Formerly known as WorkMed Corporate Health Services

Locations | New Bedford

Our St. Luke's occupational health clinic will be open every weekday to see your employees with injuries. We will accept same-day appointments and walk-ins for workers' compensation/injury management.


    St. Luke's Hospital
    101 Page Street
    New Bedford, MA 02740

    Phone: 508-973-5469
    Fax: 508-973-5472

    Our location is the Occupational Health Department off of the Main Lobby at St. Luke's.

Accessing Our Clinic

    Page the occupational health nurse for same-day appointments or walk-ins:

    Pager: 508-396-2403

    The nurse will call you right back and help you to determine the correct course of action and begin to plan for the injured employees arrival to our clinic. If the nurse does not call you back in 10 minutes, please call the clinic directly at 508-961-5469.

    Daily schedule: Monday thru Friday 7:45 a.m. ~ 3 p.m.

Diagnosis for Walk-In Injuries

    The following is the list of patient conditions we will be able to treat with our initial emphasis on soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. The plan is to have this expand in the upcoming months.

    Conditions that we will see:

    1. Muscle strains/sprains involving the following body parts:
      • Lower back
      • Upper back and neck
      • Shoulder joint
      • Elbow
      • Arm and forearm
      • Wrist, hands and fingers
      • Hip joint
      • Thigh and leg
      • Knee
      • Ankle and foot
    2. Contusions/bruises
    3. Abrasions/superficial wounds

    Conditions that we will NOT see*:

    1. Loss of consciousness, fainting, head injury
    2. Electrocution
    3. Chest pain
    4. Shortness of breath
    5. Fractures/dislocations
    6. Burns (thermal, chemical)
    7. Lacerations
    8. Eye injuries/foreign bodies
    9. Allergies
    10. Contact with chemical spills/exposures
    11. Uncontrolled bleeding
    12. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting
    13. Genital/urinary complaints

      * We recommend immediate attention at the closest Emergency Department

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