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Southcoast Hospitals Group has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

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Southcoast Hospitals' Chief Dietitian Beth Winthrop, RD, appears on WSAR-AM 1480 radio at 8:15 a.m. the last Thursday of every month speaking on healthy eating.

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Beth Winthrop, RD

Beth Winthrop is the Chief Dietitian for the three Southcoast hospitals. She joined Southcoast in 1984 after completing her BS degree at Cornell, MS at Tufts and internship at Tufts-New England Medical Center. Winthrop supervises the clinical dietitians, dietitians working in out-patient settings, and the Southcoast/Sodexho dietetic internship program. She is a certified Nutrition Support dietitian and has recently been recognized as 2002 Clinical Nutrition Manager of the year for Sodexho and as outstanding dietitian of the year by the Rhode Island Dietetic Association.

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October 27, 2011

Topic: Healthy Halloween treats & fall fruits and vegetables

October 6, 2011

Topic: Healthy Dining New Bedford

August 25, 2011

Topic: Back to school with healthy lunchboxes

July 28, 2011

Topic: Health benefits of tomatoes

June 30, 2011

Topic: Strawberry Picking & Health Benefits of Strawberries

June 9, 2011 (Special Video Edition)

Topic: Healthy Grilling

May 26, 2011

Topic: Healthy Grilling

April 28, 2011

Topic: New guidelines for lowering salt and sodium in the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans

March 31, 2011

Topic: New home food safety recommendations that are part of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans

February 24, 2011

Topic: National Nutrition Month in March: The theme is "eating right with color"

January 27, 2011

Topic: Heart Healthy Soup Recipes / Heart Healthy New Year Tips

December 16, 2010

Topic: Healthy holiday eating / Avoiding weight gain

November 18, 2010

Topic: Healthy holiday meals

October 28, 2010

Topic: Healthy Halloween treats & fall fruits and vegetables

September 30, 2010

Topic: All about apples

August 26, 2010

Topic: Back-to-school, packing lunches and changes in family routine

July 29, 2010

Topic: Hydration and fun low-cal beverages

June 24, 2010

Topic: Vitamin D & Bone Health

May 27, 2010

Topic: Grilling & BBQ food safety

May 6, 2010

Topic: Stroke awareness and prevention

March 25, 2010

Topic: Childhood obesity

    Let's Move! from the White House & First Lady Michelle Obama

February 25, 2010

Topic: The Keys to a Healthful Diet

January 28, 2010

Topic: Healthy Dining

December 31, 2009

Topic: New Year's Resolutions

November 19, 2009

Topic: Thanksgiving food safety; Optifast

October 29, 2009

Topic: 25 Healthy Snacks for Kids

October 3, 2009

Topic: Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention

July 30, 2009

Topic: Diet and cancer prevention / Vitamin and mineral supplements

June 25, 2009

Topic: "Men's Health Month" / Strawberries

May 28, 2009

Topic: Fruits & Veggies Matter

May 7, 2009

Topic: PAD (peripheral artery disease)

Topic: Home food safety

March 26, 2009

Topic: Food Allergies

February 26, 2009

Topic: National Nutrition Month

October 31, 2008

Topic: Healthy Halloween recipes

September 25, 2008

Topic: How not to gain weight when you quit smoking

August 28, 2008

Topic: Back to school lunches

July 31, 2008

Topic: Money-saving tips for food

April 24, 2008

Topic: Vegetarian diets

March 27, 2008

Topic: 20th Annual American Diabetes Alert Day

February 28, 2008

Topic: National Nutrition Month & the first annual National Dietitian Day

January 31, 2008

Topic: Women and heart disease

December 27, 2007

Topic: New Year's resolutions

November 29, 2007

Topic: Healthy holiday eating

October 25, 2007

Topic: Small steps for kids

August 30, 2007

Topic: Back to school lunches

July 26, 2007

Topic: Water: How much should you drink every day?

June 28, 2007

Topic: Healthy nutrition and physical activity for kids during the summer

May 31, 2007

Topic: BBQ food safety & suggestions for spring cleaning the kitchen

April 26, 2007

Topic: Older Americans: Making Choices for a Healthier Future

March 29, 2007

Topic: How nutrition helps control diabetes and hypertension: Two major risk factors for kidney failure

February 22, 2007

Topic: FAD FREE for National Nutrition Month

January 4, 2007

Topic: Small steps to keeping your New Year's Resolution

Topic: Celiac Disease Awareness
November 30, 2006

Topic: GERD Awareness Week

October 26, 2006

Topic: Halloween Safety

September 28, 2006

Topic: National Food Safety Education Month

August 24, 2006

Topic: The healthy lunchbox / The importance of breakfast and family meal times

July 27, 2006

Topic: Summertime food safety

June 29, 2006

Topic: FDA Keystone Forum Report on Away-From-Home Foods

May 25, 2006

Topic: Building Strong Bones for Kids

April 27, 2006

Topic: Sugar Substitutes

March 23, 2006

Topic: Dietary Supplements

February 23, 2006

Topic: Inexpensive ways to include vegetables and fruits in the Winter months

    Cabbage Recipes from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

January 26, 2006

Topic: New food labeling laws

December 29, 2005

Topic: Healthy eating over the holidays

October 27, 2005

Topic: Halloween and preventing weight gain during the holidays

September 29, 2005

Topic: Preparing to have safe food and water in an emergency

August 25, 2005

Topic: Healthy school lunches

July 28, 2005

Topic: Summer food safety

June 30, 2005

Topic: Importance of drinking fluids in the hot weather

May 26, 2005

Topic: Community supported agriculture & local farmers markets

April 28, 2005

Topic: The New Food Pyramid

March 31, 2005

Topic: Fast Foods ~ Best choices and other thoughts for "meals on the go"

February 24, 2005

Topic: Dietary measures to help prevent stroke

January 27, 2005

Topic: Women & Heart Disease

January 7, 2005

Topic: New Year's Resolutions

November 18, 2004

Topic: Healthy Holidays

October 28, 2004

Topic: Healthy Halloween

September 2, 2004

Topic: Healthy Back to School Lunches

July 29, 2004

Topic: Heart Healthy Summer Food & Activity Choices for Kids

June 24, 2004

Topic: Low-fat Dairy Products

May 27, 2004

Topic: Local Farmer's Markets

April 29, 2004

Topic: Cholesterol

February 26, 2004

Topic: National Nutrition Month

January 29, 2004

Topic: Starting the Year Off Right: Resolve to eat better and keep elders safe with an emergency food shelf

December 18, 2003

Topic: Avoid Holiday Overeating

October 30, 2003

Topic: Nutrition & Diabetes

September 25, 2003

Topic: Pediatric Obesity

August 28, 2003

Topic: Nutrition & Eye Health

July 24, 2003

Topic: Fruits and vegetables from local farms

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