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Southcoast Hospitals Group submits official Community Benefits Reports to Massachusetts Attorney General's office each year.

Southcoast Community Benefits Impact Opportunity/Request For Proposals

Southcoast Health announces a Community Benefits Impact Opportunity/Request for Proposals (RFP). This is a competitive grant process focused on addressing unmet health needs on the South Coast.

If interested in applying, please download the RFP application and other materials below.

"As a not-for-profit health system, we are driven by our mission of promoting the optimal health and well-being of individuals in the communities we serve. Safeguarding and improving the health of hundreds of thousands men, women and children in the South Coast region is a passion and commitment that we take very seriously," said Keith Hovan, President & CEO of Southcoast Health. "We work collaboratively with many community partners and we are happy to be able to support this work through our new Community Benefits Impact Opportunity."

As a not-for-profit health system, Southcoast Health invests significantly in community benefit programs and services that provide care for the region's most vulnerable residents and help improve the health of our communities. Last year, Southcoast invested almost $22 million in community benefits, including almost $10 million in charity care for the region's neediest residents.

Grant proposals must align with the health priority areas identified in Southcoast's most recent 2014 Community Benefits Report. "We look at optimal health from a broad definition and understand that many factors can impact health," noted Kerry Mello, Community Benefits Manager for Southcoast Health. "These include the social determinants of health such as food security, housing, educational and employment opportunities, and safe neighborhoods and outdoor spaces where there are opportunities for all to engage in healthy activities."

Health priority areas for this current fiscal year include:

  • Reduction of the high rate of chronic disease in our region, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer and other diseases.
  • Reducing Health Disparities, including racial and ethnic disparities, income-based disparities, and education-based disparities.
  • Reduction in the incidence of youth risk behaviors such as teen violence, high rates of teen pregnancy and substance abuse.
  • Behavioral health issues that include substance abuse and mental health, including improved coordination of a regional behavioral health system.
  • Development of healthy "System and Environment" change, including healthy food options, increased access to free and low-cost opportunities for active living, such as public parks, bike trails etc., and reduction in the high rate of smoking in our communities.
  • Maternal and Children's Health, including fetal and infant health, abuse and neglect, hospitalizations, substance abuse, healthy weight, and mortality.

The average anticipated award will range between $5,000 and $10,000, with an upper limit of $20,000. This years RFP program will devote a total of up to $125,000 for project funding.

Southcoast Community Benefits Reports

Southcoast Community Benefits Mission Statement

Southcoast Hospitals Group, which includes Charlton Memorial Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital and Tobey Hospital, is committed to serving the health care needs of the South Coast region.

In recognition of Southcoast's commitment to improving the health status of the communities we serve, the Board of Trustees of Southcoast Hospitals Group has established a Community Benefits Committee to assist in the process of:

  • Identifying the unmet health needs of the community by working in collaboration with the relevant community health networks established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and other community representatives and providers.

  • Prioritizing the identified health needs, utilizing criteria inclusive of the severity of the problem, the availability of alternative resources to address the issue, the benefit to be derived and the potential of collaboration with others to address the need.

  • Identifying which needs can most effectively be met through the resources of Southcoast Hospitals Group, and its affiliated corporations, particularly the needs of the uninsured and the medically underserved needing enhanced access to care.

  • Collaborating with local health providers, human services agencies, advocacy groups and others to develop cooperative plans and programs to address pressing community health needs.

  • Providing educational resources to educate the community regarding health promotion and wellness, particularly to address health issues that disproportionately affect the South Coast. Educational initiatives shall incorporate recognition of the lingustic, cultural and demographic aspects of accessing the health care system.

  • Recommending to the Southcoast Hospitals Group Board of Trustees the adoption of meaningful programs and services to address specifically unmet needs and to improve the health of the community.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Southcoast Health System continually strives to understand the health needs of the communities we serve and to offer services aligned with these needs.

Every several years, Southcoast conducts a community health needs assessment and shares the results with our partners in the community. We also make the results available to the public on this website.

This report presents an integrated summary of the major findings from the multi-phase community health needs assessment research conducted for Southcoast in 2009 by Market Street Research of Northampton, Mass., including a broad-based demographic scan, in-depth interviews with key informants and focus groups with residents living in the communities served by Southcoast. It includes detailed findings from the primary qualitative research.

Kerry Mello
Community Benefits Manager
Southcoast Hospitals Group

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