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Southcoast MyHealth App Release Notes

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Southcoast MyHealth 1.4

Released December 23, 2012

Southcoast MyHealth 1.4 features improvements to the prescription tracker, most notably the addition of a prescription reminder system.


  • Added the ability to add set prescription reminders for each patient.
  • Added the ability to note which doctor prescribed an Rx to a patient.


  • Cleaned up the News feed.

Southcoast MyHealth 1.3.2

Released May 31, 2012


  • Fixed an issue with users unable to select a photograph.

Southcoast MyHealth 1.3.1

Released May 16, 2012


  • User and prescription data storage is fixed so that it is now persistent. Fixed a problem where some users experienced data loss after upgrading to iOS 5.x.
  • Updated Email-a-Patient functionality.
  • Updated Frequently Called Numbers.

Southcoast MyHealth 1.2

Released November 19, 2011


  • Fixed typography issues.

Southcoast MyHealth 1.1

Released October 4, 2011


  • Added passcode protection function, which includes turning off and on and changing.
  • Added ability for users to choose between taking a photo and choosing a photo from their Camera Roll.
  • Added field in Rx for Prescribing Doctor Name.
  • Added field in Rx for Prescribing Doctor Telephone Number.


  • Privacy Notice download links added to Privacy Notice.
  • Change Southcoast Visiting Nurses Association phone number in Privacy Notice.
  • Change Southcoast contact number in Privacy Notice.
  • Removed the error when canceling the action of taking a photo.
  • Updated the Credits section to add pidalia.


  • Fixed a bug that reset the user photo to default when modifying user information other than the photo.

Southcoast MyHealth 1.0.2

Released June 28, 2011


  • Email Rx: You can now email your prescription (Rx) list for a specific patient from both the User view and the Rx list view.


  • Opens to list of users instead of to the last list of medications accessed.
  • Refined visuals in Add/Edit patient and Rx areas.
  • Added more reading/writing area for diagnosis in Add/Edit user views.
  • Updated Privacy Notice (


  • Fixed a bug that reset the user photo to default when modifying user information other than the photo.

Southcoast MyHealth 1.0.1

Released March 20, 2011


  • Fixed display of items in News tab.


  • Fixed bug where app would crash on iPad.
  • General stability updates.

Southcoast MyHealth 1.0

Released March 8, 2011

  • Initial release.

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