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Auxiliaries & Guild

Southcoast Hospitals encourages membership in the Auxiliaries and Guild in order to become more involved in and informed on your community hospital.

Joining The Auxiliary of Charlton Memorial Hospital, the St. Luke's Hospital Auxiliary or the Tobey Hospital Guild is "A Great Way to Become Involved in Your Community Hospital."

The mission statement of Auxiliaries and Guild is to render services to the hospital, its patients and its tax-exempt subsidiaries and to assist Southcoast Hospitals Group in promoting the health and welfare of the communities it serves.

Member of the Auxiliaries and Guild serve as ambassadors to the community on behalf of the hospital. Membership is open to men and women. Some of the activities that these groups participate include:

  • Distributing of Valentine Cards to patients.
  • Awarding health care scholarships to area high school students furthering their career in health care.
  • Direction of the hospital gift shops.
  • Social events.
  • Community outreach.
  • Distributing flowers to each patient during the holiday season.

Why join the Auxiliary or Guild?

  • Personal growth and fulfillment that comes from helping the young, the aged and the less fortunate.

  • To meet and work with interesting people of all ages.

  • To participate in activities that benefit your community hospital.

Each Auxiliary or Guild has a board of directors that provides guidance and creates their own annual calendar of events.

The Auxiliary of Charlton Memorial Hospital

    The Auxiliary of Charlton Memorial Hospital was founded in 1956. Auxilians take pride in helping Charlton Memorial Hospital provide quality healthcare for the Greater Fall River area.

    Four membership meetings are held each year in October, December, February and May. The Auxiliary also hosts an annual gala to raise money to purchase a specific piece of equipment for the hospital.

For more information, please contact Agatha St. Amour at 508-973-5752 or E-mail:

The St. Luke's Hospital Auxiliary

The Tobey Hospital Guild

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