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Doctors who care for you in the hospital

During your stay at Southcoast Hospitals, you may be cared for by our team of hospitalists — doctors who specialize in caring for patients while they are in the hospital.

Who are Hospitalists?

Hospitalists are board certified internal medicine or family practice physicians who specialize in the care of patients whose illness is serious enough to require admission to an acute-care hospital.

Sometimes, hospitalists have additional expertise in specialties such as pulmonary medicine or critical care.

The difference is that their office is in the hospital — and hospitalized patients are the primary focus of their care and expertise.

Hospitalists are the fastest-growing medical specialty in the U.S. In fact, more than 50 percent of hospitals in the U.S. currently have these physicians as an active part of their medical staffs.

What are the Benefits of Hospitalists?

While you are in the hospital, these physicians are focused entirely on helping you get better.

Our hospitalists are available to you seven days a week. Because they are based at Southcoast Hospitals, they are more readily available to answer questions from you and your family, check lab and X-ray results and adjust treatments as needed.

Hospitalists are also available to consult with nursing staff and other members of your health team.

And because their practice is focused on the hospital, they are familiar with how various hospital systems work. Often, hospitalists can help improve the quality of care for all patients.

What About My Personal Physician?

Your primary care physician and the hospitalist will communicate as needed during your hospital stay. And our hospitalist team will update your personal physician.

There is also frequent communication among our hospitalists, your nurses and other health team members about your treatment.

We are all committed to working very closely to give you the best care possible while you are in the hospital.

Because the hospitalist is able to focus so closely on your care in the hospital, your primary care physician then has more time and resources to focus on primary care in the office setting.

What Happens When I Get Discharged?

Your care doesn't end with discharge.

Tests and treatment results will be available for review by your primary care physician and often, a follow-up appointment will be made with your primary care physician or a specialist.

What if I Don't Have a Primary Care Physician?

Hospital visits often are not planned and sometimes patients are admitted through the Emergency Department and don't have a primary care physician. In these cases, the hospitalist team will assume your total care while you are in the hospital and refer you to a local physician upon discharge.

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