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August 2006

Grant provides Wareham diabetes outreach

The Makepeace Neighborhood Fund has given Southcoast's Diabetes Management Program a $5,000 grant for diabetes education and screening programs in Wareham.

"Early screening, diagnosis, education and treatment of diabetes can make a dramatic impact on both the economic and the human cost of the disease," said Geraldine Santos, RN, MSN, Certified Diabetes Educator and Team Leader for the Southcoast Diabetes Management Program.

Monthly diabetes screenings will begin in September.

Wines of the World

Here's your chance to taste some of the wines of the world — and support Charlton Memorial Hospital.

The Auxiliary of Charlton Memorial Hospital invites you to a wine tasting and gourmet dinner with pairing wines. The event will be held November 4 at the LeBaron Hills Country Club in Lakeville.


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Get your children ready for back to school

If you've got school-aged children at home, you are probably busy getting ready for the new school year.

Going back to school unleashes a flood of feelings for kids — excitement, anticipation and, of course a little sadness for those summer days gone so quickly.

For most parents, it means life is a little more stressful and expensive as we try to adjust to new schedules and try to fit shopping for those last few items of clothing and school supplies into an already busy calendar.

Get tips for better school lunches, backpack safety and tips for athletes returning to the field.

Southcoast has region's first 64-slice CT scanner

Southcoast Hospitals Group has purchased new multi-slice CT scanners for each of its hospital sites.

The new CT scanner uses 64 "slices" or imaging planes to gather detailed information about the organs. The scan is performed faster than previous multi-detector CT scanners, and is able to produce sharp, clear, three-dimensional pictures of any organ and the blood vessels in approximately 5 seconds.

The 64-slice CT scanners are the first of their kind to be offered in the South Coast region.

"The new 64-slice CT scanner allows the physician to see more detail in a fraction of the time," said Debra Desmarais, Director of Radiology Imaging Services for Southcoast Hospitals Group. "The ability to identify diseases or abnormalities at an early stage will help physicians make an accurate diagnosis and quickly recommend appropriate treatment for their patients."

A CT scan produces a cross-sectional image of the human anatomy. This helps the clinician to rule out or confirm the presence of certain disease, and in trauma patients, in some cases, to evaluate the extent of injuries to a trauma patient.

Request a copy of your medical record

We've made it easier for you to request a copy of your medical records.

Simply visit our Medical Records page and download the request form. Because every request requires a signature, simply print the form, fill it out completely and send it back to us by fax or U.S. mail.

Requests are usually processed in three business days.

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