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May 2005

New heart program

Southcoast Hospitals Group has launched a cardiac electro-physiology program at Charlton Memorial Hospital, further broadening local access to advanced interventional and diagnostic heart services in the region. Electrophysiology is a sub-specialty of cardiology that examines the electrical behavior of the heart and treats abnormal heart rhythms, known as arrhythmias. Southcoast's EPS program will also include the implantation of automatic heart defibrillators and pacemakers at Charlton.

Heroes among us

Students in New Bedford, Wareham and Fall River joined some 200 teenage boys from across the region on Wed. May 4 for a daylong conference geared toward empowering adolescent boys to believe that they have a choice and a say in how their lives turn out.

The conference, "Heroes Among Us, Heroes Within," is the 7th annual Male Conference sponsored by the Southcoast Hospitals' RAPPP (Responsible Attitudes toward Pregnancy, Parenting & Prevention) program as part of the hospitals' community benefit program.


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Topping Off the New St. Luke's

St. Luke's Hospital held a "Topping Off" ceremony May 18 to mark another major milestone in the $33 million project that will bring unprecedented health care and emergency medical services to the Greater New Bedford region.

"This morning we put the finishing touches on the skeleton of our new hospital. While this represents a physical structure, it means much more to our community. When this project is completed in less than two years, St. Luke's will provide the people of New Bedford with the very best Emergency Department, more patient beds and better access to surgery," said John B. Day, President & CEO of Southcoast Health System.

"In short, taking shape behind me is the hospital of the future — a hospital that will meet today's complex health care needs and be ready to meet the many challenges of tomorrow."

The "Topping Off" ceremony marks the placement of the last important steel beam into the new structure. It is said to stand as a symbol of luck and good fortune for all future occupants.

Making Sense of the Food Pyramid

Recent research indicates that Americans must do more to combat weight gain and obesity. That's why the latest dietary guidelines and new food pyramid — MyPyramid — emphasize the important role calorie control and increased physical activity play in living a healthy lifestyle.

Beth Winthrop, RD, Chief Dietitian for Southcoast Hospitals said the differences between MyPyramid and previous dietary pyramids are important.

"The explanation of daily requirements in terms of cups and ounces should be helpful to the average person," she said.

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